I feel like I'm over thinking it....

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by LazyQuant, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. I wanted to introduce myself to the group and share my method. Feedback welcome.

    You'll probably notice I'm a little particular and quirky.

    Start with some Jack Herer.

    Boveda humidipack and xoxo airtight container. Push lock it pretty cool

    Base grinder is a freebie from puff it up.

    Standard w/ kief catcher. Move on to the MFB finish grinder.


    Pax 2 with the New Vape high flow lip, pusher and 3D screen


    Ready to rock

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  2. Finish grind looks slightly larger than kief


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  3. That's why I like the way I vape. I don't need no stinking grinder. Doc
  4. I only have to grind once with my santa cruz shredder. A good grinder makes a world of difference for a lot of vapes. I've tried not grinding in my Herbalizer because some users on FC claim they get massive clouds by tossing in a little nug, hitting it a few times and then crumbling it up by hand, then vaping more. I've tried this and found it to be a messy pain in the ass and produce way less vapor, so I always grind my herb as it just produces the best results with both my vapes.

    @Dynalowrider what is your technique and what vape do you use?
  5. Ideal grind consistency is different from vape to vape really.

    So what you are doing is good for your Pax 2 (I assume). But it's way overkill for some of my vapes. Heck, you can throw a small un-grinded nug in an E-Nano and take a trip to flavor city.
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  6. There are as many ways to consume herb as there are people to consume it.
    Haze= stuff a couple nugs, slightly tamp, turn it on one, reach temp, consume, haazzzzed.
    VaCap= stuff a nug, heat it, click, consume, vaapped,
    See life is so simple. You don't need no stinkin grinder
    I have found that conduction vapes really don't need the herb ground up. Convection vapes on the other hand, grinding is advantageous. Grinding is probably the best way to go for both but I'm lazy.
    I don't grind for my VapCap Omni or my Haze v3. Like I said, I'm lazy. My ABV is always nice and used. It has this maduro color. I don't think I'm losing any vapor or taste.
    I think everyone should vape like they want to. I was not criticising anyone on how, just "Vape, Don't Smoke".
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Doc
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  7. Up to the grinding we're doing the same - but what are these new vape things and what do they do?
    Iv got a crater Deluxe which seems to be baisically what a pax 2 is called here as far as i can tell- so what works for you should work for me
  8. Ok, I will admit that I'm a charter member of "IDKS Society", "I don't know shit".
    Last night I dug up some convection screens for the Haze, ground up some "Blue Goo".
    You know you guys might have something here. It did rid my herb of any ticks and chiggers that might have hitched a ride.
    It was mighty tasty. I ran it through the "Space Case" right side up, so it was pretty course. It did have my water-tool milked.
    Thanks folks for reminding my how versatile the Haze is. There's more than one way to enjoy a vape.
    Now I wish I had some concentrates to use in this little thing. Doc
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  9. I like it a lot. Well thought out and reasonable. Sometimes that's a tough thing to find on forums. You good Sir get a gold star for the day

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  10. New Vape seems to be the only ones I can find that make a solid stainless screen. It cleans up much nicer that the stock thin one. It won't crease or bend. I suspect the thermal retention increases. It's imperceptibly smaller than the stock screen but will fall out of the bottom when you are cleaning out the spent oven. I keep dry AVB so it doesn't bother me too much to pick it out of the jar. The vented lid reduces draw resistance via increased air through the holes on the lid. I find that I'm able to pack a little tighter and still not feel like I'm sucking a milkshake. The attached pushed is the same screen as below, but is threaded on a post that allows you to be more efficient with smaller amount of herb. I also find that the vapor is much more dense and consistent through the first few pulls. I assume it's because you now have 6 legitimate heated faces touching the material (the lid side is now a strong conductor of the heat generated from the conduction walls much like the screen). The number of overall draws until kicked is reduced, but the quality just seems better. Even Pax says to fill the oven for best results and the are marketing a larger lid that they are calling the "half pack lid".

    Half Pack Oven Lid | PAX

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  11. do you not get any fall out the vented piece with the fine grind?
  12. I don't seem to. It maybe a combination of things in my case.
    1) my material is humidified to 62% RH and tends to cling to itself even after ground up.
    2). The New Vape pusher seems to act like a ceiling (floor?) of sorts to hold material from moving towards the vents in the lid
    3) i don't tend to vape on the go, I'm generally just sitting on my porch in a chair vaping - there isn't too much jostling happening so the material may be more apt to stay put in the oven.

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  13. thanks for that.

    I tend to fill the oven each time fully, and if I dont finish it that evening I'll save it for another time, so I dont think the pusher if of use to me.
    Would the screen make much difference on its own?
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. My order of importance was

    Vented lid.

    For me the screen most mostly because I was already out/broke the stock ones and I was willing to give this one a try for the cost of stock replacements plus a few shekles

    I do find that cleaning is easier, replacing the screen is no longer any issue, and it may have some effect on productive marginally better vapor

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  16. Here's an example of how it stays clean. I just finished a very small oven full (pusher all the way down) vapor and taste of this Jack Herer was tops. I used my pick to empty the material and a looped pipe brush and I'm done. It does need a good cleaning otherwise, but the screen looks pretty good for 10+ sessions[​IMG]

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