i feel like i shouldnt post

Discussion in 'General' started by mietoe, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. ive been pretty active here at the city the last few days, and im not even smoking. its been over a month since ive smoked, and only one time in the last 2 months. im on a break to see how i feel after everything. (dealing with anxiety and super mild depression.) but i feel like im not even credible to be posting on here because im not smoking.... :confused:
  2. Ive been dry for 3 weeks, only smoked 2 times inside of that. It sucks, so I stay out of pickup threads. But I still frequent here. :(
  3. I haven't smoked in over 5 months, and still feel welcome to post here. It don't say in the rules you have to smoke in order to post...

    I will always be a stoner at heart and get along well with people who do smoke, so why wouldn't I still want to post ? I know eventually I will want to smoke again...
  4. Grasscity is about a community of people who are chill and fun to talk to. There are quite a few sections that are dedicated to things totally not related to weed, you should check them out.

  5. no worries man. And you have smoked before, or atleast you enjoy marijuana culture, so your at the right place. Smoking shouldnt define your credibility, so as long as you keep an interest in this place, someone will listen, like i just did.
    hope that helps
  6. Impostors!!!!


  7. what have you been doing for 5 months? why the break if you dont mind me asking?

    thats why ive been mostly answering newb questions, and sticking to general and music hall. as music is my SHIT.

    but thanks guys.
  8. Man, you're always welcome at the City. Smoke or no smoke.
  9. gtfo my city, mr.sobriety.

    j/k you're always welcome here. Shit... I came here every day for my t-breaks, pickup threads n all :)
  10. I havent smoked in 3 seconds.

    Shiet i shouldnt post here. ;)
  11. Lol dont trip man.
  12. not for about a week

    so what if u haven't been smoking

    don't make any difference

    i usually don't come on here when i smoke

    just don't
  13. im not tripping. i guess i am credibile enough. thanks everyone for making me feel welcome.
  14. i dont smoke to much anymore but i still post, i just stay outta rec marijuana use n shit like that, but i never really fucked with those sections even when i did smoke, its all the same shit

    general and pandoras box can be anything, its alot more interesting and origional
  15. your always welcome here bro.

  16. he speaks the truth

    as long as you're not a straight edge square that hates on weed and drugs

    it's all good

    so stay, will yaz?

  17. I HATE DRUGS AND ALL YOU GOD DAMNED STONERS. im deleting my account this instant.

    okay, so im also a habitual liar.
  18. Haha, you almost got me.

    Damn man, you from Feb '04? That's a long time to be at the city! We don't ever want you to leave.

  19. aww gee thanks.....

    im OG.

    (original gangster.)
  20. Alright... well my circumstance may be a little weird, guess it depends on how you look at it.

    Back in March me and my g/f of 2 years split up. Started out as a separation and ended up being a break up. A big part of the reason why we broke up was because ALL we did was sit around everyday/night and get stoned. I guess it's easy to get on each others nerves when you don't really socialize with others and stick together constantly... then when you add her dishonesty, and my temper into the mix, shit just wasn't meant to be. Anyway...

    After all of that happened I came to Texas to roommate with my best friend and step brother. At the time we all smoked weed. My best friend was working at Taco Bell and wasn't really doing shit with his life, as was my step bro. I decided to step up and take the initiative to quit smoking since I lost my favorite smoking partner, and to help out with the financial burden this unexpected move put onto me. I was hoping the other two would quit also just to make it easier on me, and so they could possibly get better jobs and not be stuck in the fast food industry their whole lives (their quite a bit older than I am). So far 1 of them has done this...

    So, here I am 5 months later. Everything has worked itself out, and I could smoke if I really wanted to. I'm passed the point of worry about a DT at work, and could go buy a sack of dank tomorrow if I wanted. I think the reason why I won't do it is because I just miss smoking with my ex... as stupid as that sounds. Everything has been going good though (like actually being able to take care of past debts, getting my credit fixed, and still being able to save money) so I'm content on not smoking for a while longer. My ultimate goal is to be out of this shit hole called Texas, and into my own place within a few months, and if that happens, I'm more than likely going to start growing... should all be worth it if you ask me!

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