i feel like i should quit

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  1. My brother got caught by the cops and got charged with possession. Its all going downhill now. And i'm having second thoughts about smoking tomorrow... i dont want to end up like him. >.< :(:confused::eek:
  2. Hm, well I think you should lay off grass for a bit, to almost show your brother that since he can't smoke you won't either (for a period of time).
  3. Just learn from him,

    How did he get caught?

    You just don't get caught sitting around in your home smoking a bowl/joint.

    You do not get caught smoking responsibly is what I'm trying to get at.

    Don't be stupid with it. Marijuana is illegal and should be kept within the home.
  4. exactly.

    As badly as you wanna scream how much you love weed because of how amazing it is, it still is, unfortunately, illegal... damn :(
  5. or, if you dont want to be charged with possession charges, i think your brother musta had a lotta weed...thats why everything is going downhill..beacause if it wasnt too much, theyd just givem a citation and a ticket.
    so just dont have a big amount, and its a rap feel me
  6. ^^^

    depends where you live bud.
  7. Actually, I'm pretty sure you go to jail in most cities in the United States. Most likely followed by a year of probation with piss tests. But thats just from my own personal experience. Penalties vary.
  8. I dont know man. Things are always constantly changing and your always going to be put in different situations time after time, good and bad ones. Just stick to what you believe in and do what you feel is realistic and true
  9. Dude, just because your brother got caught, it doesn't mean you're going to get ass raped by some big black guy named Molly in prison when you get caught. Just be safe with it, smoke it whenever you want, just make sure it's under the right circumstances and you're responsible with it and while under the influence of it. Do that, and you're good to toke. Just be safe, that's all that matters.

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