I feel like I know nothing

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  1. Expelled for drinking on an overnight field trip with the advance theatre class lol

    We didn't even get caught.

    We got ratted out by a newby that didn't drink..

    That was my first time drinking...

    Smoked weed for the first time one month into my new school... Yeah. Highschool was crazy.
  2. It's okay to know nothing, man. Nobody knows anything, but at least you know your own ignorance.
  3. Yep, that's what I got as well. As long as I wasn't failing, no one gave a shit.

    I feel you OP, your story is close to mine as well. I've been thinking about this lately. I'm intelligent enough to do anything I want, except I don't know what I want. My plan was to study chemistry or horticulture (for illegal purposes), but I've realized that that's a horrible idea.. Now I'm back to square one. Everyone around me has a job/house, or is studying something they love, while I'm just wasting my life away trying to work out what I want.

    I'll probably end up trying to make enough capital from growing and then just invest to support myself. Still leaves me with no interests though.
  4. IDK man. Some people are stuck on house arrest or in prison for the rest of their life. Others have to work all day everyday to bring the bacon home to their families. Some people are stuck with STD's, handicaps, or diseases and have to fight through that. Others don't even have homes to relax in and ponder how many talents they don't have.

    But you're perfectly healthy. You're not one of those people. Go outside and LIVE IT UP. Seriously. If you took every second that you thought about how worthless you are and can't find anything to do, and used that time instead to think about how awesome you are and how you can do anything you want if you apply yourself, and actually applied yourself, then I don't think you would have any of these problems. Seriously man I know it sounds cheesy but the truth is that you could die tomorrow. Lifes too short to be stuck thinking negative and not chasing your dreams. So just keep swimming man and explore life to find what makes you happy, not sad, and dooooo eettttttttt. :hippie:


  5. thats our problem. we dont know what makes us happy...
  6. Zactly! I doubt any of these people are actually healthy and normal either. We've (well, I've) been trying to just get by most of the time, and that's been draining.. It's a monday here, and I've been drunk all day..
  7. I can relate to this man. My mom forced me to do so much shit that I absolutely hated, I just never tried or half assed it like you said. I had to unlearn that the hard way.

    Now I'm going into the marine corps next winter and I feel like I finally have some direction and purpose in my life. You'll find something man don't worry!;)
  8. I actually read this.

    Do some unmentions.. It will show you the way.

    true story
  9. Let me ask you something. If this was your last day on this Earth, what would you want to be doing?
  10. I feel ya man I feel I am in the same boat as you. Have always gotten 2.5-2.9 gpa and I know I can get a 4.0 easy, mentally I can do a hell of a lot. I have a very hard time putting knowledge to action though.

  11. Well, at least i'm not the only one out there. Seems like i have almost the same situation with my family and my friends all left to universities while im at home with no interests or hobbies and everytime i think i found something, i realize that its not for me.

    Just take it one day at a time, eventually something will strike your interest, be patient. That's what I'm doing. Not saying it has worked for me but good things come to those who wait.

    But, as long as your aware that you need to find a hobby or interest you're more than likely to stumble across something. If somebody asks you to go do something, do it, don't blow them off just because it sounds boring or you think you won't have fun. That's what i used to do and that's why im here typing this.

    Good luck
  12. Lots of songs with this same concept, look up living saints - polar bear club

  13. Exactly man that's how I feel, biology interests me but not that much

    Armed forces aren't for me

    Unmentionables don't help, last time I tripped all we talked about was how fucked up the world is.

    Not a clue. Probably rape a sexy bitch and spend time with my family

  14. Exactly, my ACT is 29 but my gpa barely pushes a C

    Word, thanks
  15. Hey man I relate alot to this story. Parents were divorced after dad cheated and I did go through alot of shit with my moms bf and just bullshit....Ive been thinking about this recently too I dont have any special skills or hobbys, im not treally good at anything I mean im smart if I apply myself but im just lazy as fuck which is how every teacher Ive had has described me. I dont see myself going into a career because I dont knwo what I like!

  16. No I know man. I just mean everyone finds their place in the end.
  17. Your more fucked up than I thought lmao.
  18. This is just a thought. Philosophy is something that you're passionate about. Have you considered teaching philosophy? Consider getting an endorsement in a social science field and minoring in philosophy. I don't know what your educational background is, but at 19, there's still plenty of time to switch directions. I'm 28 and have struggled with the "What do I want to do when I grow up?" question for the majority of my life. I've tried the corporate route, but after four years of accounting, I grew tired of the lack of satisfaction my job offered. I got things done, but I never gained that feeling of accomplishment. I quit my job and went back to school full time and will finish my English education program next spring. Is it pretty late in life to embark on something new? Probably, but who really cares? I've taken an active role in my life and made the decision to try to add some level of satisfaction to it. My point is, if there's something that makes you happy - that you truly enjoy - pursue it. It isn't crazy to chase a dream. It's crazy to watch it drift away in a sea of regret as life passes you by. Hang in there.
  19. [quote name='"ZihgZag"']

    Not a clue. Probably rape a sexy bitch and spend time with my family[/quote]

    Im sitting in a pretty crowded bagel store I just LOL'd
  20. Holy shit... you just put everything I think about myself into words... except I'm 25, so that makes everything much more frustrating.
    I do the same thing, find something I love, dive into it and then lose interest fast.
    I've worked every type of job known to man without finding anything that can hold my interest more than a year.
    I don't really have any advice for you except to roll with it... eventually you'll find something that will captivate you to the extent that you will never want to put it down. Just keep trying new things, meet new people. Find someone that you admire and look up to and ask them if they'd be willing to mentor you.
    Eventually you'll find that one thing or you'll find that one person that brings certain qualities out of you.
    You're so so so so soooo very young. I know you don't feel it but you've got plenty of time to figure it out. Don't buy into society's bullshit requirement that you know what you want to do the rest of your life at 18 years old. That's insane. At your age you're just now discovering yourself as an individual. Take your time, don't feel pressured and just go with the flow! Don't get me wrong, some people know what they want to do from a very young age and that's great, but not common.
    You're definitely not alone! :wave:

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