i feel like a horrible brother

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  1. so as many of you know, i opened my door to my little brother after my mom just couldnt take it anymore...hes been good, quiet and out of trouble...ive rewarded his changed ways with smoke ups...

    this morning i look in the average place for the weed, not there, look in every place imaginable, not there...

    fuck it, i scrape together enough for a bowl pack of mostly weed and a little bit of hash that i found...pack up the bong bowl, snap it, put it down...

    i start thinking did he take it, what the fuck is he trying to take the weed i bought for him?!...shit he probably brought it to school then...call his phone...no answer, hes in class...text it saying "bro, seriously thats low"

    i just got a text back of question marks....so now im getting dressed to go take him out of school and make him buy me an ounce of dank, and to literally lock him in his room, no cell phone, no lightbulbs, no tv, no stereo, nothing...just darkness and a bed...i know thats probably the wrong case of action, and it wasnt even about the weed, its that i trusted him...i opened my doors to him, and this is what i get..

    so i open the coat closet in the smoking area....see it on the top of the closet...with a note "the DEP and a state trooper were here today, i saw em, this was the closest place to stash it, sorry about that - *little bros name*"

    i forgot to tell him they are going around telling people not to let others use their driveway and the road to park for the beach...

    i felt really bad cause he tried to save me and i was about to beat his ass...:(
  2. But you DIDNT beat his ass, and that sir is what really matters.

    Other than this is everything going good with yous guys? I had my younger brother stay with me for a while, but I caught him sniffin some of my blow with his friends, so I beat his ass(I mean I beat the shit outta that fuckers face) right in front of his friends, and now he lives with my moms again.
  3. Nah your not a bad brother (you would have been if you locked him in a room).

    Just make sure you talk to him, thank him, and let him know whats up
  4. Well it all worked out in the end man. I mean you were pretty right with your assumptions but definitly need to think about it before reacting so harsh man.

    It all worked out...dont worry bout it
  5. everything is going great...i mean he is helping out alot around here, respecting my rules, knows that if i kick him out, its the last straw...he gets to go back home with our mom, and she will literally flip shit...like he will go to school, home, work, home, no leaving...ever....

    but hes been good, i actually helped himout...he had to pay insurance this month, but something happened at his job (involving all employees, not just him), and checks are gonna be late...so i payed that and asked for him to pay me when he can...(however, he has money in the bank, but hes been saving that)..

    all in all, the only thing he needs to stop doing is trying to get me to buy him a 30 rack every other day...ill give him a beer or two when we are watching the sox or pats game, but im not gonna have him drunk off his ass all the time...

    oh, and hes been helping me put up a rock wall...with big ass rocks....

    all in all, he knows i wont take his guff, and he knows i can still beat him up (we used to always fight, like brotherly not bad...)..so i guess hes behaving :)
  6. I would just tell him what happened, and why you sent him the txt. Tell him you're feeling like shit for having doubted him, and that you're sorry. It's stuff like this that strengthens relationships and in the end make him more and more mature.
  7. I agree Goro, just smoke a fat ass blunt with him man!
  8. hells mothafuckin yea!
    mhmh.. smokin on some middies and im gettin $$ later so wooo hoo and this girl asked me to go chill with her, i might just throw down and get like a q of some dank and go smoke her up.
  9. ill call him up after hes done at school...schools important and the only reason i would have pulled him out was because he would have had to have the ounce on him, and he parks in senior lot...

    and i dont want to call him stupid, but hes not always the smartest...ya know?

    and yeah, i picked up a garcia english corona (one of his favorites) and leafed it up and rolled it up for him when he gets home...

    im actually glad he knows to put weed away out of sight fast when a cop arrives...hes had a flew slip ups in the past (had a bud fall on his jacket one day and stick there, didnt realize it while he had a sack in his pocket)...yeah...like i said, just doesnt always think

    we all kinda just dont think occasionally;)
  10. At least you didn't beat his ass. I'd actually jump to conclusions if my bag was missing and I couldn't find it. It's weed, and losing that sucks.
  11. You sound like a cool brother. I don't have a brother, but if I did, I'd want one like you man. Great looking out. Peace
  12. Well you can be the smartest ***** around and still have shit for common sense.
  13. hahaha little bro ftw

    sounds like YOU owe HIM an ounce of dank...

    haha it all worked out, glad to hear.
  14. i agree, but sometimes i swear he hits the off switch and just has a moment...

    thanks, + rep on that...literally it was just the breaking of trust, and me not wanting to see him in cuffs

    shit, then he owes me money for heat, food, a place to live, always having a place to smoke, me getting the cigarettes for him, i could go on and on...he can buy his own dank...hes got a job...:D
  15. yea but you didnt so your still a good brother
  16. You have a badass lil brother. All I gotta say. Next time don't make the penalty too harsh. You won't feel as bad. That was a damn harsh thing to do to him though for that. There's a reason for everything alright:D
  17. OP Im glad that you didn wind up jumping the gun too fast, consider it a lesson learned.

    And BTW you sound like a kickass brother.
  18. You sound like a good brother to me.....
  19. yeah, like people always tell me im a good brother...but i mean, most anyone would take there little bro in if they were always getting in trouble, fucking up, and their mom couldnt take it anymore...

    however, my little brother is kickass, he smoked down that blunt with me as i told him what i thought happened...

    he laughed and said "dude, i meant to put up a post it while i was leaving, but i couldnt find a pen...or a postit, or a place to put it...plus i was pretty afraid of that state trooper"

    i had to tell him, the DEP and state troopers we normally have around here know me, and have known me...i fish with them, and they wouldnt come in looking for trouble...if a state-y saw the bag, hed ignore it...if the DEP saw it, a select few would probably politely ask you to pack up a bowl

    oh ya, and i forgot, that fucker even emptys the bong water...no one around here normally does that...it normally sits for weeks...:D

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