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i feel funny the day after i smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by damessor, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. ok well ive only smoked twice and it was ak-47 idk if their was sumpthing weird with the herb or what but my legs feel really heavy and like im in pain but its more like their just sore:( if anyone could offer advice itd be appreciated
  2. And you know this is linked to MJ how...
    is the pain the day after or while your stoned?
    Have you tried a different strain? Smoke less. Smoke more. There's millions of things this could be a cause of. Did you hurt yourself, or hurt yourself when stoned (and don't remember :p)
  3. advice? no medical doctors here buddy. besides all they would say is stop smoking;(
  4. Not necessarily my friend..;)

    OK, so I didn't learn this in medical school and I don't know the science behind this, other than the fact that THC stays in your system for a while. I haven't really bothered to research it more, but many people experience a hazy feeling the next day when they first start smoking. I use a small amount nightly for insomnia and when I first started I used to feel hazy or spacey the next day. It passes.
  5. Ummm. I can promise you only 1 thing here, ANYTHING negative happening to you IS NOT because of marijuana
  6. i know exactly what u need to do for that cruddy feeling after smoking, spark another one just like the other one, then u'll be floatin you won't even need ur legs
  7. ok just wondering ya ill try a different strain and no it happened two days in a row and i noticed the pain after id start cuming down from my high like i was getting a body high like ur body feels funny if u know what im talking about i luv the high just not the other effects i did drink a little bit the second night too while trying to put in a transmission :( didnt work out its still inn my garage lmfao
  8. and ya i would but id get fired from work and then id have no money for herb

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