I feel faded

Discussion in 'General' started by I Wayne, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. (Ironically another recent post was 'I feel like shit'...I thought that was nuts after I came on here to post this)...

    For the first time in 3 months I had a panic attack, about 5 minutes ago.
    I had been smoking weed for 4 years straight almost every day up until a few months ago (i smoke like once every week or 2 sometimes).

    I just feel faded...I just had a panic attack thinking I'm dead and my soul is just here. I bit my arms and pinched myself but felt no pain.

    Its 3:30 AM and im gonna go for a run (i'm nuts)...cause thats the only thing that gets rid of my anxiety...I refuse to smoke right now.
  2. Damn nig don't bite yourself lol. I too feel the need to get out and run or something but if I did that now theres a good chance I would get mugged or killed.
  3. ahah thanks for the response!

    i run every night mad late...only thing that helps
  4. ya i just got done going for a quick drive, the lazy version of taking a run
  5. lol and smoked a doobie i bet. i just jogged 2 miles..now its about 5am -___-
  6. (That's my thread, hahaha)

    Shitty, man. I've had many panic/anxiety attacks, and my way of dealing with them is zoning out on a video of some sort and falling asleep to the sound of it. I have gotten really good at focusing all of my attention to the sound of the video, it really helps me get over anxiety. Most of the time, my attacks are at night, so sleeping is a good way to get rid of them. I often pinch or scratch my arms to see if I feel pain when I'm having a panic attack, don't know why. Hope your run helps you, man. Try to remember it's all in your head, and there's nothing to actually be scared of.
  7. I too have gotten into the routine of playing music next to me and deep breathing, while the tele is also on. I like reading advice from others cause I get the chance to type back to berid my anxiety. So thank you for the posts, I truly appreciate them!

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