I Feel 100% Retarded Right Now

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  1. So i was just talking to this really hot girl on Facebook like an hour ago and she just was saying like she really wanted to get together again tonight and have some fun (i've already slept with her a couple of times) but like i wasnt paying attention so now i just fucked up a perfectly fun night and now shes mad at me and i dont even know what i did. But now i feel like a fucking idiot for screwing that up cause if i didnt id be screwing her. But back to the point she's mad at me and not talking to me again. Why the fuck is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. Honestly, if a girl is mad at you for ignoring a couple facebook messages and is now giving you the silent treatment, then shes not worth the drama IMO. You'll have sex again in your life most likely, so I wouldnt sweat it all too much.
  3. nah its that i said something but i dont even know what i said cuz i wasnt paying attention and like i know it wasnt any thing bad. and it sucks cause she gives the best head :D but now there are no bj's for me today from her at least ;)
  4. If a girl is mad at you for ignoring you, then keep ignoring her.
  5. i wasnt ignoring her, i just wasnt rele thinking b4 i said stuff but i didnt say anything bad. and dude she gives the best BJ's thats why im upset

  6. oh and with chicks theres always and i mean always gonna be drama
  7. Then screwed up.

    Which means it's game over.
  8. I dun goofed! eh at least she has a sister :D :devious: (i take no shame when it comes to sex with the family members of friends (THEY MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE THOUGH AND IF THEY AREN'T I POLITELY DECLINE!) girlfriends of friends, sisters of previous sexual encounters (BUT AGAIN THEY MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE THOUGH AND IF THEY ARENT I POLITELY DECLINE!) but i think you guys get what im trying to say) :hello: :devious: :metal:
  9. sounds to me like you just need attention

  10. No i just really like getting head and getting laid, i return the favor of oral. :D
  11. OMG!!!!! FER REALz?

    NO WAI, YOU MUST BEH TEH ONLY ONE!!!!!!111!!!1!1

    But seriously. Pics of said hottie.
  12. Quoted for truth. Who gives a fuck how good her bj's are.. there's plenty of fish out in the sea that will gladly suck your dick dry as if it's their water. You're fine.
  13. post a picture of your dick on her facebook wall.
  14. coz girls HATE being "blown off". we don't like when you ignore us when we wanna fuck. it is SOO annoying. sorry for your loss.

  15. hahaha my friend did that like 4 years ago (when we where freshman) he posted it on like sooooo many peoples walls and even some pages
  16. as you have requested my good man



    those are the direct image urls from her Facebook
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    HAHA dick move, bro. That's hilarious.

  18. HAHAHAHA Nice and as stated above if you did that would be a dick move
  19. Yeah I don't buy it.. stop stalking people.

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