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I failed the test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by richardmanhamer, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I just had an interview today for a graphic designer position at a local newspaper, toward the end of the interview the interviewer said that a drug test is required and I have to go to a clinic to get it done.

    I think I got the job, so I went to CVS and bought the First Check Home Drug Test Marijuana.

    I just took the test and I was positive for THC. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The last time I smoked weed was July 28th at Rock the Bells. I smoked like 2 blunts that day. I also smoked some Spice Gold like two weeks ago, but it was out of my now dead bubbler pipe that had weed resin in it.

    I don't know when the drug test is, but most likely it will be early next week. If it is a urine test I can only hope to chug some detox shit and hopefully pass, but I have a really bad feeling about it.

    What would you do in my situation? This job hopefully means getting out of my shit Fed Ex package handler job and finally be able to move out of my house.

    I know there are a ton of threads like this, but some of them are so long winded with incorrect and useless information, I needed to create a new one.
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    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. go to
  3. just sneak in some fake pee. they're not going to watch you pee. keep it warm with those shake to activate hand warmers and heat it up in the microwave before u go and ur golden.
  4. Go buy some surejell at the grocery store, it will be with the pickling jars and supplies. Mix it in with 2 quarts of koolaid or regular water and drink it all. It will seal your kidneys for the day and will allow you to piss clean. I did it and it worked

    Whenever the drug test is....drink it the morning of
  5. take cranberry pills (from CVS) there cheap

    and drink lots of gatorade/water which ever you perfer

    you can get clean in 2 days

  6. How long ago did you smoke before you did either of these options? I never heard of the surejell, wouldn't everyone be doing that if it was that easy?
  7. ive heard of sure jell but never done it

    I smoked a week before I had my drug test my boy james smoked the night before and used cranberry pills and failed (hes now in prison :( )

    I passed the test so yeah you will pass dont worry just get cranberry pills and drink lots of h2o


    Is that what I need to get?

    Oh Yeah, please if you are suggesting a method, please respond only if you have tried the method yourself, and state the exact steps you took and the last time you smoked. Thank you.
  9. This is the type of misinformation that is career ending for people believing this Shit. Back in 1994 I had a really good job offer. I smoked a J over the 4th of july with an old friend and hadn't smoked for at least a year prior. So I get an job offer and i have three weeks to get clean. I called a clinic and did my own drug test ...failed big time. The guy told me that they test for THC down to like .0010 microns or some shit. it is not even 1% in your body they are looking for.

    So I go all vegetables and water and goto the gym twice a day for cardio and sweat for about 40 minutes x 2 daily. Go back at the end of the week and i am down by half the allowable trace amount. Next week Friday same thing down by half. The guy tells me "I do not have a enough time and the body has to work it out of your fat cells." So last week same thing but i added Goldseal to my routine and took the test, Bam!!! I passed after three weeks of fucking boot camp on my ass plus GoldSeal added to my diet. The guy was really surprised and said he and never seen that done before in that short amount of time.

    So the reason I am telling you this is not to show how great i am but to let people get there arms around the idea of what it is going to take. My friends have lost really good jobs because somebody told them to do somthing that wasn't even remotely going to work. I would suggest that a person buy themselves TIME during a interview and offer to allow at least three weeks before testing.
    Good luck
  10. no im saying the last he smoked was july 28th meaning he can be clan in about 2 days since he hasnt smoked

    NOT that you can smoke and be clean 2 days later read his post "The last time I smoked weed was July 28th at Rock the Bells."

  11. yeah take those everyday and the day you take the test take about 3x what it says you will piss ALOT more you take more you piss you want to clean out complete

    also to who said they had to work out everyday and yada yada for 3 weeks it depends on weight alot if your really skinny you can clean out alot faster then someone who is alittle chubby
  12. if substitution isnt an option i would give sure-gel a shot. I had to use it for probation and it really does work, but don't listen to the guy above me who said it lasts all day, it doesn't. mix the sure-gel with 2 quarts of water and drink it 2 hours before your test. pee once or twice and go in and take it. but if it is a lab test, and not a dip stick cheap test this method won't work because it will throw all of your other shit off balance.
  13. theres stuff you can usually pick up at your local headshop - well at least around here you can but obvisiously you cant say its for marijuana to pass a drug test - I remember this shit was like 30-40 bucks a bottle and you drink it before the test - I passed so it had to of worked
  14. My friend smoked everyday up to 2 days before her drug test. I told her to drink a gallon of water and take a vitamin B pill to turn her pee yellow 2 hours before the test. She did and she passed.

  15. Just so you know .0100 microns is the size of a human hair. .0003x.0005 microns is the size of a mold spore.
    (i know this because of my work. took classes on this shit)
  16. Dude I think a week more is enough time for you to be clean easily. You just have to take the time to run, or do any activity that will make you sweat a lot, drink a ton of water/cranberry juice, avoid real fatty foods, and come time for the test take some vitamin b-12 to make your piss look nice and yellow and not like you've been drinking straight water for the past few days.
  17. well my job as a package handler is pretty grueling, about 4-5 hours everyday sweating non-stop and lifting big ass boxes and shit with no real break. hopefully I pass without buying synthetic urine.
  18. If you seal your kidneys you arent going to pee at all. You will just sit at the place for hours and not be able to pee. Doesnt seem to smart to me.

  19. Just lineup a clean friend to piss in a bag for you right before the test. I'm sure you must have somebody.

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