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i expierienced telekinesis. I think.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. i was stoned yesterday and right before i went to be i went to draw out a design for another stealth box, and i reached to the floor for the pen and the damn thing jumped like 12" off the ground into my hand. i sat stunned for ~ an hour, and started to freak out and went and fell asleep in the long grass in the yard. i hav no idea wha it was, but might have something to do with being stoned (either stoned powers, or halucinating).i'm a litle jumpy at the moment.
  2. oh crap man, thats kinda weird??

    whenever im stoned, i seem to be VERY accurate at prediciting things. i almost always time the start of the blaze so that we stop within about 2 minutes of the police driving by (done last 4 blazes in a row)

  3. Nuff' said.
  4. I swear I was just sitting here one time. Right here in front of the computer. I had a plate on my desk. A heavy glass plate. I was stoned. And man.. I swear the plate jumped off the desk all on its own.
  5. well actually talking about it diminish the ability.
    you will find that when not called but needed the ability will re-emerge.
  6. i experience telekinesis all the time.

    without me noticing i have for some reason or another a magically rolled up J on my lips ready for the lighter treatment. dunno how it got there.

    and several times i cannot for the life of me not remember exactly how i managed to stumble home after a good night out. but yet, i got home and it must'a been some kind of magick.

    not to mention my evil metaphysical twin who tears on my bank account like nobody's business. now that is freaky. only last week i was moderatly rich. today i'm, well not broke, but mindfull of my spending, and i have no idea where that dough went...
  7. this is the hardest part. To aknowledge what are your abilities.

    let's take it simple:

    To have an intuition

    first let met define intuition

    intuition n. immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning.  intuit v. intuitional adj. [Latin tueor tuit- look]


    ok does that means there is no reasoning?

    there are two kinda intuitions (IMHO)

    those dictated by your knowledge and experiences (if I put my hand in that flame, I have an intuition it'll somewhat hurt)

    those dedicated by knowledge or experiences that are not your own (not in this life anyway).
    you walkt into a restaurnt for the first time in your life and /know/ where your booked table is..


    the hard thing about "powers" is to aknoledge them.

    Here is what I did, my SCIENTIFICAL methodologie to develope intuition beyond its pocket oxford dictionary definition to ...intuition.

    every time I have an intuition, I pause for a moment to measure two things:
    that intuition how strongly I beleive in it, (would I be ready to blindly follow it is a good place to start)
    My desirata (my whish) how much would I wish this intuition to be effectively true (Is it true my teacher won't come today for the interrogation, or is it just a wish)

    by ballancing between these two measures, you will find, at least I did, that you CAN makeout the difference bettween wishes and intuitions, genuine intuitions.
    You can push it to the limit where you can determine for anintuiton how much faith to put into it. after several month one can even reach the point where an intuition comes, and immediately know how much this intuition is valid, therefore taking advqntage asap of his "power"

    But you can never call upon that ability to "foresee". you have an intuition, you can measure it, take it into account or not.
    But you cannot "ignite the intuition". You cannot come upon a dorr and ask yourself "what's behind that door" and have the answer come to you.

    my experience:
    one morning I woke up without wanting to go to school. I examined the possiblities: i could ignor the school day and get a zero at the exam, or I could get up go there and have a 2.
    then an intuition came to me: I don't need to go.
    I examine that intuition:
    the possibility that this is a wish, out of ten: hummm at least 8-9
    the possibility that this is effectively true, out a ten: 2-3.

    so I went to school, only to find out that the teacher was sick, we could go home for the day.

    So I aknowledge that the score for intuition should have been high.

    that's when I started measuring very precisely.
    (it requires a lot of self-knowledge, to actually know yourself enough to aknowledge your wishes)

    Years later One morning I had over smoked and oversleept and work up @10 although I was due at work at9
    an intuition came to me and I knew I shouldn't go before the afternoon.
    so I did, and it was a ggoooood thing I did.

    I'm willing to call this a "power" because everybody has intuition, but manypeople actualy ignore them.
    My power is to be able to rely on my intuitions.

    Plus it's the starting point of an internal adventure within one's mind, an adventures that reaches to the stars.

    the buddhis religious monks have been studyiing the mind for over 2500 years. they know many things they don't tell, becoz humans are not ready. But that knowledge is at everones' reach: just follow their meditative techniques, and you will reach the same conclusion they have.

  8. it's those potpixies again:D!!!!!!
  9. that's not telekinesis, that's a survival instinct.
  10. dude this mornin i was rippin a bowl, and i dropped it and i was like shit cuz my parents were gonna be home soon and the bowl was everywhere so i went for the vacum (waste of weed shit) and i came back and the piece was sittin rightside up wit everything in it on the table

    now wtf
  11. Damn the other day I was stoned and only smoked two bowls for maybe 7 minutes to I was really stoned at first and dont remeber that part but when I remeber washing my hand I had a mark that looked like this : -///-. It was like a big number kinda scary, I asked everyone if I did anything and nobody said they saw anything. Maybe a stoned ghost numbering me... Hmm
  12. I know what you mean by telekenisis. The other day I was rolling a jang and..........the other day I waas rolling a jang and.......the other day...........I was smoking this jang and ........................something strange happened!
    You obviously had to be there to really appreciate it!

  13. .........what use is shot term memory anyway!

  14. ..::cough, cough, blsht, cough, cough::..

    Haha J/K!
  15. byump!¬)

  16. COPS DRIVE BY? where the hell do you smoke man? sounds like you could use a more chill spot.:smoking: goodluck with that.

    As far as your "powers" go, you where probably stoned as balls, next time that happens just get excited and continue tripping out, dont sit for an hour and crash in a field, lol. Good trip though.
  17. lay off the drugs.
  18. sometimes, if i smoke just the right amount, i get spidey senses. I once leaned forward and stuck my hand out, apparently for no reason, just in time for the bong to fall into my hand after someone bumped the coffee table. that shit tripped me the fuck out. I've also put decided to chill a second before taking my hit several times while driving, and low and behold a cop was coming the other way. it's happened a lot. I've been working on harnessing the force for the tv remote, but i think it's too heavy or something. I can't even make it wiggle.
  19. I get a heightened sense of how people are feeling, and how the group energy is directing when I smoke the right amount. I scare people once in a while. But mostly, I connect with people.
  20. I so know what your talking about, one day I got in the car to run home from the denist. As soon as I got in, I had this mental picture or feeling rather, that I was going to be in a car wreck. I just blew it off, but sure enough I got rear-ended before I got home. I was just amazaed. Every now and then, I get that same feeling like something WILL happen and it does. I couldn't really explain it before, but now it makes alot more sense after reading this.

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