I Experienced Astral Projection

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  1. Last night while I was sleeping, I was having a very lucid dream, during which i stopped dreaming but found myself in my own room. While this was happening i was incredibly shocked and this is what sent me back into my body. When i began to reawake my body was vibrating at an extremely high resonance and their was a loud humming in my ears.

    I immediately realized i had just experienced AP. it was overwhelmingly awesome. I continued to try to reinduce but was unsuccessful.

    Without a doubt one of the coolest experiences. I am going to continue to try an project.
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    cool, to do it again easier you have to open your third eye and let your little light shine.....u can get there from here.  its wicked
  3. I ever had an experience like that, when I was youger. I was a feeling like if im not controlling my body. and once, im afraid about this remember, I was finish my class and going down stairs with all other people, im feeling disconnected totally. I dont realize whats going on cause I just go whit the flo. For like, 45secondes I saw the top of my head, exactly like U pass at the "Third person camera" in shooter game. I ran to washroom, to put water in my face and to be sure that im really in my body.
  4. Ive only been able to do it a few times, mostly through meditation.Never managed to do it in my sleep, it's quite a difficult thing to do, however the feeling and travelling in the mind that goes with it definitely made me think this is astral projection.Maybe two - three times in my life. for a period of like 3mins.
  5. It's not astral projection unless you change something about the physical world.
  6. Maybe you smoke a joint too big xD its normal that your mind be changed if your pratically meditation, or if your on psychadelic


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  7. U mean last night u feel alseep and dreamt?

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  8. Sounds like a dream to me.
  9. So.. You had a lucid dream?
  10. Ive been trying through meditation but i cant breakthrough. I just get the body buzz
  11. Thats good to have a budy buzz by meditation or other things :rolleyes:
    Be caution, the feeling to be out of your body is not very pleasant :eek:


    <("<)~Puff, Puff, Pass~(>")>

  12. sounds like drazy smokin some good shit!
  13. I get the body buzz and can never get past that lol.
  14. No this was more than just an LD.

    I was able to induce it after realizing i was dreaming. It wasnt a dream world anymore, i was viewing our physical world, but i was not in my body. Damn hard to explain.
  15. I had an OBE when I was a child. It scared the livin shit outta me. My spirit or soul was up by the ceiling looking down at my body!! That means that my body was dead for about 30 seconds. I dont ever want to experience that again. Unless I'm really dead and a ghost haunting the Earth or whatever.....
  16. To project or not to project? That is the question.
  17. It does not mean you are dead. It means you exist outside of this physical plane.
  18. next time fly out into the universe
  19. Thats crazy Drazy...
    I saw your post about the UFO and now this. For some reason I feel you know what you are talking about and arent misleading.
    Crazy to hear you AP! Ive been trying for some time now but always seem to fall asleep.
    Do it again and tell us where you can go, good luck
  20. Astral projection is fun and really easy once you keep doing it:) keep going!

    I meditate before I elevate


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