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i ended my break yesterday! story and question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thebirdmachine, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. and i can tell you it was one of the best experiences of my (albiet short) life. it was like reuniting with a beautiful friend. my friend who was on the break for the same amount of time, 9 weeks, and i were looking forward to that day for so long, and our rewards were sweet for our patience :) it was SO COOL!

    we basically sat outside in her jardin, which seemed to be surrounded by green like a jungle; the plants and bushes were all around us and high, really high, and we felt like medieval men even though we're not. we took a video for about 20 minutes and both pretended to be directors of a documentary, and then realised we had just MADE a documentary. we laughed so much we cried a little. everything was just on an even keel, like a smooth smooth line of perfectness! so basically it was awesome :D

    :wave:reminisce with me your first times after coming off a break?

    oh and i smoked the same stuff this morning and it was just as good again :D in a few hours i'm going to an african music festival in liverpool. it's free!

  2. Hell yeah man, sounds awesome. It's always good to take a break, smoking constantly just seems like a waste of money.

    As for your question, About a month ago I hadn't smoked in a couple of weeks due to crap quality floating around and not wanting to pay for it. Eventually this chick I work with gave me a half a joint out of pure kindness which was awesome, I didn't even ask or anything. Well, this turned out to be some damn good smoke, on top of the fact my tolerance was pretty low. I decided to smoke it on the way home. I live in a rural area so once I hit a certain highway, theres never any cops (Gotta love the country). I made it about halfway home and realized I was fucked. The thirty minute drive seemed like it took hours. It was awesome though, I was so fucking ripped for about the next three hours.
  3. The longest break I've had previously was only a week. I took two hits after that and ended up laughing on the ground lol.

    But, I'm on a break right now that just passed one month. Everytime I think about how ripped I'm gonna be, I jizz in my pants. :D
  4. I've never had to take a very long break before but my friend just smoked for the first time in 10 months yesterday and he was ripped.
  5. wow, what an awesome colleague you have! i'd fucking love it if someone gave me half a spliff for no reason :D good times!
  6. After i had gone about 3 days without smoking (been smoking for about a year and some change) i came back and had a pinch of some shake, and i am pretty sure i drank a little too, but i got SOO high off the littlest bit of mids lol.

    Then i went to a buddys place and hit some sour d out of his bong that was new at the time and i was on another world.

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