i dunno y, but i do it everytime

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 20, 2006.

  1. well last night i was smokin bud and drinkin a camo 40 (9.0% alc/vol) n i was feelin pretty good, n then i didnt drink anymore or smoke anymore and like i kept jus gettin more n more fucked up i guess due to the fact that i drink like an alcoholic, and next thing i know i'm layin on the couch lookin like i'm dead and i hear someonesay "wow that kid must get fucked up easily" n i jus though "HA!" n my friend was like "dude that kid could withstand shit that would have you cryin thinkin your gonna die, i really dont like bein drunk, not even sure y i bother drinking other than to be sociable, haha but my version of sociable is bein obliterated

    so from now on, i'm definitely not drinkin anymore cuz its fuckin gay, i'll jus sneak off to the bathroom n do a speedball and be equally fucked up

  2. Yeah I def hate being too drunk too. Never compares to a good smooth high.

  3. HA! that's funny, they smoke any dmt last night like you said you were going to do
  4. I smoke alot, and sometimes a nice little night of drinking is refreshing and makes the smoking seem more special again. Though, I cannot touch the shit Neg has done, but hey, thats my opinion.
  5. I drink once in a great while because both my dad was and my mom still is an alcoholic.

  6. Yah man, my dad is a practicing alcoholic so I like staying away from booze as much as possible.
  7. nah people were gettin rowdy as it was, so no dmt was added to the mix, after i was done bein half passed out we were doin some wrestling, suprisingly i whooped every opponents ass within 30 seconds, cuz neg is a bad muthafucka haha, even though i'm a skinny mahfucker

    its all good, i'ma start doin steroids haha
  8. your balls will shrink

  9. the only reason i don't do roids...my balls are small enough already:eek:
  10. haha, there will be no shrinking here either. idk i just thought lifting weights really isnt that hard. i dont know what roids could do that i couldnt do myself, except maybe speed up the growth and gains. but idk, i guess i just wanna know what I can do, without compromise.

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