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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kez666, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. My palnts are about 6 weeks old there still growing but they havent started buddying how do i know when they have started to grow?when they do bud what do i do after that help /
  2. i waited until mine were 12" high and then changed the lights to 12 on / 12 off... now, 4 wks later their almost 4' high and lil nuggins everywhere.. just takes time and timeing.... what kind of lights and whats ur light cycle right now? what strain?
  3. im using a standard lamp at the mo there growing but i dont have a clue what the buds look like its a about 14" high and its quite bushy to im just abit puzzled but at the bottom in the soil a plant started to appear next to the grass plant and its got little balls on it is that it buddying?
  4. umm get rid of that plant buddy unless u know how to make Hemp.. if it has little balls on it that means its a male plant.. ur looking for a female plant.. Female plants have little white hairs all over them..
  5. kez,

    What do you mean by "standard lamp"? What type of bulb are you using and what are the dimensions of your grow space?
  6. Keep growing your plants to whatever height you want, this is considered the vegetaive state. In this state you are growing your plant(S) to add height and branching. This vegie stat requires at least 18 to 24 hrs of light a day.

    Flowering in marijuana is caused by decreasing the amount of light the plant(S) receive. This state constitutes 12 hrs of light(usually HPS) and 12 hrs of Darkness. When the plants have been under the 12 on 12 off cycle for about 60 days it should be done flowering with most indica or indica dominant strains indoor.

    Good luck,

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