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I dun goofed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Marijuana Malice, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So I finished blazing a few blunts then I head to McDonalds on the way there I decide to pick up .5 from one of my dealers house since I passed their house on the way I get it then head to McDonalds. Now being pretty blazed I put it in my pocket and forget about it I go up to order I get 2 McChickens I dig in my pocket to get my money and the bag was in between the money she counts it out sees the bag giggles then gives it back. Pretty akward
  2. LOL ahahahaha if i worked there i would laughed so hard, then asked if you wanna blaze.
  3. Yea but I got paranoid as fuck and got the hell out of there.
  4. She's handing you a bag of concentrated death along with your weed, no big deal.
  5. Aahaha smoooooth
  6. should've got that bitches number.
  7. I missed the part where you goofed?
  8. Haha that was nice of her to give it back!

  9. By not asking her out, unless she was ugly, in which case tragedy averted.
  10. hahahah dont put weed and money together hombre
  11. LOL that's epic but dumpy.
  12. Man, always one pocket for only weed related stuff. Lighters, baggies, pipe, etc.
  13. shit if I was here I would have kept t to teach you to tighten up
  14. i always shove weed in the cool little pocket within my right pocket... but you made the mistake and forgot about it

    at least she gave it back though that was nice
  15. She shoulda just started rolling one on the counter in front of you
  16. People buy .5? That is the goof? McDonalds is gross, also a goof?

    cool story bro
  17. No worries friend, You are not alone in this particular embarrassment Did it in a gas station buying junk food or sodas of course all my asshole friends have seen the hole thing
  18. Im still confused on how you picked up .5 and still had some left. .5 is like a bowl pack to me. :confused:
  19. What do you mean I never said I had any left.

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