I dun built something awesome

Discussion in 'General' started by PintyHet, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Just got done with a 4 day project building an almost entirely unnoticable little grow cabinent. i'm friggen boucning off the walls i'm so excited about what i built XD. meh mum can be standing next the the thing and never gives it a 2nd look. Hurrrray! everyone that wants to take up growing as a hobby should do it to the best of your abilities. be all that you can be go out and make something bad ass today, its quite a rush XD
  2. lucky fuck, i wish i could grow, it would be such a brilliant feeling getting your first batch of free weed...growing your own, the high would be more special...when your stoned off your head you would just be sitting think this is my free weed, i grew this weed and it's great, stoners should understand that, i'm quite stoned now.
  3. i'm starting to belive if your crafty enough you can grow just about anywhere =)
  4. what about the electricity bill for the lights to grow it? how do you cover that one up?
  5. "Oh sorry mom, Ive had to leave the playstation on, because I lost the memory card" might work (if you have a playstation...if not, substitute x-box, gamecube, computer...whatever)_
  6. just constantley keep things on around the house... lights n such... it will make it even higher but yer mom will see everythings on and not even notice... mabey
  7. geneuosity ...new word =)
  8. heres one thing you might noit have thought of man...it's gonna smell, and smell alot after it tarts getting some buds. hopefully you have a solution for that cause you don't wanna get caught right when your shits about to get sold or smoked
  9. i have it venting through a couple dryer sheets..if that doesnt hold it i'll build a filter =)

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