i (drunkenly) broke my jar last night

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  1. i failed in my drunken adventures yesterday night. i broke the jar that ive had since i started smoking. it had a bunch of kief caked to it and was the perfect jar. so heres how the story goes.

    started drinking last night at ten with some people i work with. by midnight i was trashed. completely trainwrecked. couple jack and coke doubles, a gin a tonic, and a few cans of busch. i was fucking tanked. all of what happened to me i pieced together this morning when i woke up. (with my face covered in rub on spiderman tattoos. :cool:).
    so im drunk as fuck and its 12 in the am. i drunkenly decide that i need to go get my smoking supplies from my car. which included: my nice ass lighter, grinder, jar with about a gram left, papers and eye drops. upon getting my shit from my car, i pull my jar out of the bag its in.... and immediately drop it on the ground. i dont even bother to try and pick it up. i just go "man, what the fuck just happened?" to my friend and try to walk back to the girls apartment we were chilling at. i manage to knock on the wrong door, wake up the neighbors, and the girl goes out and ends up bonding with them somehow. i guess shed never talked to them, and my drunkeness sparked off their relation ship. i get back inside, and immediately pass out. the people who wernt as drunk went out, got my weed off the ground in the parking lot, and smoked it.(its cool with me, i would have lost it anyway :D)
    so i wake up this morning, and my smoking kit is all over the place. i managed to get almost everything back, although someone pinched my papers and brand new lighter, but no biggie. and this awesome , amazingly hot, barteneder i work with left me about a gram nug of what smells like some boooomb weed on top of my grinder. (shes 5 years older than me and has a boyfriend, else i would have been all over her)

    so i woke up, without a hangover, to a brand new nug of some dannnk. all in all a good night. atleast what i can remember...
    anyone else have a fun friday? and happy valentines day.
  2. Yeah dude sorry to hear that you broke your jar last night, that is pretty shitty. But I figured your story was going to be bad, and this turned out not so bad man!

    Some up that dank and let us know how it is. Should help out with the hangover!
  3. haha great story dude, i just woke and boke :D and enjoyed it +1 for sharing
  4. good story. suck about ur jar though man :( cant say i blame ya, being shitfaced ive done some pretty stupid shit. atleast u got some dank out of it!

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