I don't want to get married.

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  1. I know I'm young, and a lot of people say this, and most of the time end up changing their minds, but I've thought a lot about this. I just don't imagine myself ever being with someone, or having kids.

    I've dated a good amount of girls, had a certain amount of time of one night stands and shit, but at the end of the day, I sometimes feel like it's better to be the one man, ya know?

    It's somewhat like that "destiny" feeling, like in a way, you were meant to be by yourself, meant to roam alone.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't condemn anyone for getting married, having kids, etc. If that's what makes you happy, mazaltov! But for me, I dont know, I just don't like to have the responsibility of having a girlfriend or any companion anymore. I have friends, I am social, I have a great mother, father, and older brother. I'm just not feelin it anymore after the times I've dated. I just want to be by myself, with friends,etc, and work on my profession as a music producer.

    Just had to rant, sorry GC. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Marriage is SO outdated.

    Do whatever you want to, man.

    Get married... or not get married... up to you.

    But there's certainly no NEED to get married just because the older people did...
  3. Oh yeah. I've thought this way for a very long
    time. I would get married, if I was with someone
    for 10+ years...and I didn't have to give birth to
    children. Children are an absolute no go for me.

    Honestly though, my idea of marriage doesn't
    include a piece of paper. I'd rather it just be a
    spiritual bond, without all the hoop-la and legal
    drama afterwords. I believe you can love and be
    in love with someone without signing something.
    In a way, I believe that's more beautiful...you
    and I are together because we want to be, not
    because we have to be. That is a deep trust
    in someone...that's a true commitment.

    I want someone who just wants to live life with
    me. Travel the world, do fun things, live life w/o
    any responsibilities like children....I want to be
    selfish really. Ha, for everyone out there who
    wants children and marriage and the white picket
    fence...that's great, I'm happy for you. I'd rather
    have an adventurous journey forever, beyond the
    ties of family/children...focus on a career (if I ever
    start one) and enjoy the finer things in life.

    No muss, no fuss...just love life. It's hard to get
    there I'm sure, but I know if I do, I'll die happy.

  4. marriage is just putting it on paper, bringing the government into it, IMO its a waste of time. with that said if i was in love i would prefer not to get married for the above reason , but i would if she really wanted to i suppose i would
  5. I'm a girl, and as a Girl your basically brainwashed into the idea of the perfect wedding and marriage. Me and my bf have been engaged for over 2 years now and honestly, I don't even know whether or not we'll have a wedding and make it "official". Is it really worth all the money and stress thats involved in weddings? We're both committed to one another, respect and truly love each other so why do we need a piece of paper with a bunch of signatures on it basically stating that yes, we're in love and committed.
    Who cares what people think or say? The happiest couples most of the time are the ones that aren't married but have lived together happily for years...
  6. Marriage isn't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that.
  7. I don't want to.
  8. Personally, I'm with you. After many years of thought I've just realized that I'm too selfish (in the sense that I thrive in my freedom and lack of responsibility) to have a woman DEPEND on me emotionally or financially. I just don't trust myself not to muff up a marriage and cause grief for everyone involved, so I'd rather roll solo. But hey that's just my 1 opinion out of 5.6billion on Earth, so take it as a grain
  9. Yeah I don't see myself getting married either, I mean I always hear this as the typical life that everybody should live by but not everybody has to live by it. It's a lot of responsibility with all the financial dispute plus children expenses, I prefer to be alone cause I'm an natural introvert. I don't think about relationships or being with someone, I'm just trying to focus on living life to the fullest cause it's short never know when your time will end.
  10. Risk of divorced, alimony, child support and false paternity? I'm dodging marriage like us blades dodge cops.

  11. Fuck Tha Police

  12. Well technically, its 7 billion people now :p

  13. Damn you beat me to it.

    Well, don't get married then. You shouldn't feel pressured. It may happen, you'll find that one person and live the rest of your life with them, but maybe not.

    If people are in love, one good reason for marriage is legal rights that make it better for a couple. It doesn't have to be religious at all. However, in many jurisdictions, there are provisions for a couple to get the same legal rights as married couples by entering into other types of legal partnerships.

    Everyone should be able to have those rights, same sex or not. I personally don't care whether or not it's called marriage, but I believe the word should apply to same sex and different sex couples, as many people put extra value in the word and institution that is known as marriage.
  14. Watch OP, a few years from now you'll be down on one knee..

    "Marry me!!"
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    it's not something you can even decide honestly. do you know the circumstances of your life in the next 10, 15, 20 years? as you get older your values change. do you really want to be alone in a home/ nursing home when you are 60-70 years old? that's when it's not fun to be single because you are old and crippled and most people desire to a person they have a deep connection with to kill the time until they pass

    also like BB said you get many benefits from being in a marriage. it's not something you don't wanna have cuz you "don't wanna get married". if you are in a deep and strong relationship with someone and you are aware of these benefits for being legally married you wouldn't deny them just because you don't agree with marriage. you're gonna want to take every advantage possible.

    so alot of time it's not just about "love".

    i really thought more people would be aware of these benefits and advantages. O_O
  16. Good point, maybe some day a girl will come along in your life who makes your life easier and not actually any harder!

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