i dont wanna loose my PMs.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Digit, Jun 27, 2003.


sound like a good idea... a facility worthy of being added to the site?

  1. YES! 300 just isnt enough. i dont care how its done, but it needs to be done... even if its just a

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  2. nah, not really. Grasscity is a fairly open place, pms arent high on the agenda... this isnt AOL u

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  3. pms saving! are you nuts!? no way. what a stupid idea. ....it'll never happen.

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  4. i know why Digit wants this. give the boy what he wants. he's in love.

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  1. is there anyway of saving all my PMs?

    short of copying and pasting them all that is. there are 270 that i really dont want to loose. thats too much CtrlA, Ctrl C and Ctrl V for any man to endure. :D

    is there some way we can store them to another site or download them for future reference?
  2. you cant stand in the way of love, ya never know, if you dont do this digit might turn into an international terrosist (it normally works when i say that to mum ;) )
  3. Start a new folder.. There are folders in the PMs!!
  4. Does the folder thing give you more space, though? I think the folders are just for organization, right? I have a bunch of different folders but I don't think that I have any more space.
  5. l was wondering why the pm,s went from like 20 a day to 200 :D.looks like my guess was right .Digits in love [​IMG] .Give him what he wants if possible l say..
  6. stiky! oooh! cool.. my first. quite a privelage... there arent many stickied threads.

    so... do we get more space somehow? ...maybe a subscribe to grasscity... get more space. ? just ideas.
  7. I don't know about the space. I haven't never run out yet..

    You could also copy and paste to your documents in a new folder!
  8. i am half the reason why this is up here!! please give us more space!! i can't lose a single thing from Dig...he is my baby, you know...and i have put things into other folders, but they don't save any space :(


    I LOVE DIGIT. (in case you couldn't tell ;) :D)
  9. you're the whole reason baby.

    I love moonlighthigh!
  10. I'll say it again.....

    You could also copy and paste to your documents in a new folder!

    I'm sure I'd rather have our space for posting in the forums instead of for PMs..

  11. its the best idea so far... its just a very long process.
  12. l pm,ed sj and asked if there was anything he could do .[​IMG]
  13. Hey guys...why don't you copy and paste them, pick a cool font that kind of represents one another, print them out and paste them in a blank book? You'll have the book in your hands and you can read the words of the one you love anywhere you like.

    I think that would be sweet. :)
  14. i was planning on doing that...i just need to get more ink...that would be a rad gift, hint hint...wait, i'm the one giving the gift...doh!!

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