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i dont understand

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by newgrow, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. heyy my friends brother who is 15 and in high school was buying bud at school (dumbass) he bought the shit and gave it too a friend to hold his friend took it and put it in his gym locker someone snitched or something but the kid who sold it who had nothing on him, my friends brother who had nothing on him and the kid who was holding it all got arrested and taken to a juvey center and all 3 are now on probahation my question is why did the kid selling and my friend get arrested when they had nothing on them?
  2. Please son, I know posession is 9/10 of the law, but they were all part of a crime, why shouldn't they be suspended is my question for you.
  3. Okay- the kid's 15. I'm pretty sure the other two guys are possibly in the Selling in school is too risky! Not trying to be a hardass, but maybe it'll be a good lesson to the young tokers.
    Also- when people get arrested they're sometimes asked who they got it from; being promised that if they snitch their punishment won't be as bad. So just from the last kid saying "oh yeah, so and so baught it and so and so sold it..." I'm pretty sure that's enough, in the po's eyes and in the school's eyes, to get the kids in trouble.
  4. You want to know why? It's because they're pussies who don't stand up for their rights. Therefore it's their own god damn fault and they need to get real.

    Why shouldn't they be selling at school? What they shouldn't be doing is having anything to do with snitches... people kill snitches. There's absolutely nothing wrong with selling at school... the only place I can think of that's fucked up to sell at it a funeral. And I bet you could even find a moral loop hole there as I have for every other place, but I haven't been able to.
  5. umm... doesn't make sense... they should not have been busted if they didn't have any on them.... weird
  6. its high school, they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want since all those kids are underage and mostly clueless. as for selling in school, that's one of the stupidest things i can imagine to do. why bring it somewhere where you have no rights to privacy and you know you'll get super busted if they catch you.

  7. The second you step on school ground you are giving away any rights you have... and if they are that young the lastthing they wanna do is stand up for their rights, they are prolly thinking about how this won't get back toheir parents or how they can avoid expulsion...
  8. its funny because people walk around my school with Oz's of skunk in their backpacks and never get caught.. to many stoners in the school so there issnt any room for sniches. For the most part all the teachers and principle has given up on preventing weed from comming into the school.. like shit man last day of school half the kids blaze joints in the halls and on the way out of the classrooms
  9. what school do you go to in what state deet?
    sounds awesome
  10. Mmm the best is blazing on top of ur schools gym. Until the cops come and your so high you decide to beat the shit outta one... thank god I was 16.
  11. You Have No Rights In High School And You Have No Righs Being A Minor

  12. Because it's all hear-say. If some cop busts me, and I say "WookieAreCool gave it to me!", would it be OK to arrest you as well even though there's no evidence linking you to the bud except for my words?

    I mean I agree that schools don't give you your rights at all, but I mean damn! If all it takes to get someone arrested is for someone else to give their name with NO evidence, either at the time of narcing OR when the person is arrested, then that right there is super-fucked up because then ANYONE could just go to the principle and be like "Johnny Smith had weed, please arrest him", and they would apparently, since that's all they had on the two guys who didn't have weed on them.

    If a school ever has my (future) kids arrested for NOT having anything on them and NOT having a witness to a crime (the perps of a crime don't count as a witness, since they are not impartial), I would fight that until the school owed me money, because that's like the exact opposite of everything the justice system is supposed to be.
  13. When I got busted for selling at school. I was the only one who got in trouble. My friend's friend didn't get shit cuz I told the principal that he wasn't invovled. At the station is when they found out I was selling to him but since it was after the fact they couldn't do anything.
  14. hey atleast where i come from you cant get busted with anything unless you have possession... which means if someone narcs on you and you dont have any bud on you then you are free to questions asked
  15. Well I don't see anyhting morally wrong with selling at school either, but it's just plain stupid... if they were so careless then they should have been prepared to accept the consquences... especially if there were snitches around

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