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I dont understand...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RuffRat, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. .. i have seen countless drug test thread, where people say there test is tomorrow.

    This is the bit i dont understand, why would you even consider smoking close to a drug test, i know if i was going to get employed and they were going to perform a drug test, i would quit smoking the hurb so i could pass, and do all the nessercary things to speed it up.

    i dont see why people keep on smoking, i love smoking green as much as the next man but when you have the time to prepare for it, why ruin your chances?

    I can understand those threads if they were just suddenly supprised on you, but i bet the chances are they wernt.

    It just seems kinda silly to me.....

    (ramble ramble ramble)
  2. I hear that dude, its like do you not respect yourself enough, or have enough self control to stop smoking for a few weeks to clean your system out and get your ass employed so you aren't an unemployed stoner.

    Plus, all your qualifications that you rightfully earned over the years will be moot since you couldn't stop your ass from smoking for a few weeks.

    Well it's their decision but I definatly understand where you are coming from...
  3. yeah i dont like seeing thread like that "drug test tomorrow help" kinda stuff. i know im having one next month and so i stopped , have a little self control and just say no for the time being
  4. kids need to learn some fuckin self control dude...i myself have cut back on my 4th day of sobrioty. because i want to play ultimate frisbee, and im training for it in spring, and i tried out last weekend and my lungs were caving look at me, i smoke every day, multiple times a day...and now i gotta quit, so i like me, im your role model HAHA far from it tho peace
  5. wow a bunch of potheads lecturing ppl on self control. i suppose u feel like u can quit at any time and want to criticize other ppl who found other ways to pass a test. well i guess this self control question can be turned towards u. weed is against the law u face possible jail time for smoking it, so as u asked, why risk it? the answer is b/c u enjoy smoking mj. if a person know thers ways to pass a test without completely stopping then why criticize. dont hate on the smoker hate on the test. lol excuse my grammer i feel as those rules do not apply to me.
  6. but yea i agree with u that there are too many posts about drug tests ppl can just use the search.
  7. ey ey if this is about mine i quit smoking as soon as i realised i needed to find a different job. most people don't expect the phone call when they are applying at a buncha different places, but you get the call, interview, then they pop a DT on you next day. all sneaky like.

    i'd say everyone's situation is different so they feel a need to make a new thread. or post in the DT thread (that never gets read/posted to anymore).

    but yeh it's lame to smoke, smoke, and smoke when you know of an oncoming test. then freak out and panic the day before the test. that's just rediculous AND irresponsible.
  8. yea i feel u on that. i knew about my last drug test 4 days b4 so all i did was come on here look at other ppl's methods. bought sum niacin and sum detox and didnt smoke for the next four days and i came out clean. but i didnt need to stop for a month/months to pass the test. just know that if ur interviewing u should expect 1 and dont be a complete idiot and blaze the day b4.
  9. Keep in mind some people just don't have enough warning for these types of thing. You need to see the problem from all sides before you make judgements on a person's character.

  10. I realise this, and it is not those people i am talking about, i even put that in my orignal post.

    I can, and have any a few occasions, for periods going from 1 week, to two months.

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