I don't understand why people stop smoking for their drug tests..

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    I've been on probation for a year now and i get a urine analysis at court every month. At first i hated this because it effected my lifestyle (chronic weed smoking) but about 3 months in i started coming negative every single time. No niacin, no special drinks, no cranberry juice, none of that bullshit. Especially no t-breaks! All you need is water fellow cannabis lovers.
    The night before my piss test i start drinking several gallons of water. Just drink until your pee is clear and u can't drink anymore and keep peeing. Those who say constant peeing doesn't remove the thc metabolites because they aren't water soluble, you are wrong. Every time you pee the cannaboids become less and less concentrated, some are removed each time. Plus the water obviously dilutes any chemical concentrations in your urine besides h2o. This is basic science that i have discovered through experience.
    The day of your test keep drinking water, go berserk on that shit. Your urine will be clean every time. And to the people who say this won't work because a) your creatine levels are too low or b) your pee is to clear, so fuckin what? Say this was a result of your drinking water. You love water. You need it to survive. Water is not illegal in any jurisdiction i'm aware of. My P.O. knows damn well i use this method to come clean everytime, she just can't do shit about it. It's my pee, I'm not altering my urine or cheating at all. I simply love drinking water.
    Seriously guys, if this has worked for me for a year there is clearly justification to it, I can't just be getting lucky every time. Hope this helps u guys enjoy the green leaves a little easier :D
  2. A: Most modern drug test show up as "Invalid" when you dilute.
    B: Most people know the reason your piss is clear is because you drank copious amounts of water to try to pass.
    C: Most people would rather stop smoking for a few months of probation than risk many years of probation or prison.
  3. i had to stop smoking or i was going to jail. all for weed. I then got hooked on Oxycontin and was able to pass my tests because ipiods are in your system for 1-2 days. drinking water helped me pass my tests in 12 hours time. its sad that they would throw me in jail for smoking grass but i could take oxys all day everyday and that was acceptable.

    and lab tests are way different from the insta cup ones your po gives you. I passed a po insta cup and then my color came up the same day for a lab test and i failed the lab one (for grass)
  4. a- the tests they use in maryland courts are 12-15 panel with all the extras (specific gravity, etc) they aren't cheap
    b-yes, i believe i said that myself. it doesn't matter, there is no "acceptable" limit to the amount of water someone can drink
    c-there is no risk. i know for a fact i am going to be clean every time, despite usually smoking the morning of each test
  5. theyve sent my urine to the lab a few times but they simply cannot punish you for consuming water
  6. I am surprised you havent died from water poisoning yet.
  7. surprisingly i've never even puked from it
  8. You are lucky if this worked for you

    Most courts wont accept heavily diluted piss samples
  9. Dont know why you would even risk it. I guess getting high is worth going to jail for you
  10. its called having priorities and being responsible
  11. creatinine levels much?

    are you trolling?

    edit: no puking eh? have you ever gotten diarrhea?
  12. no not trolling at allll. why are u guys dicks? i've already explained how i get around the creatinine things, etc. i don't see what is unbelievable at all about this. i even have a friend who uses this same strategy but he stops smoking a few days in advance
  13. yes ive gotten diarrhea before but never as a result of this
  14. People are probably just being dicks because they feel they are addressing someone who doesn't take responsibility for their actions and dicks around like a kid on something that has a serious impact and bearing on their life
  15. i dont think i've just gotten luckily for 9 months straight

  16. ....and the dude's taylor swift picture doesn't help.
  17. damn dude u are outsmarting the system u are one smart motherfucker
  18. Guess what? You are lucky, you went to a shitty lab.

    At the lab I go to most frequently for job applications, they will straight up reject your urine and offer to let you wait and re-take the test. If you refuse, they will simply report that you failed.
  19. that isn't the case. why am i irresponsible for deveoping a completly 100% definite way for me to smoke weed (something we all like to do and something that we all understand is unharmful) without going to jail?
  20. The irresponsible part is telling everyone to keep smoking and try your method ;)

    Trust me, people have failed due to this.

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