i don't understand why people smoke cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by iryad, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Maybe I'm just missing something, but what's the point of smoking cigarettes/hookah/cigars? I mean, some say weed is just as bad on the lungs, but at least it gets you high!

    What's the point of buying 2 packs a day, and filling your lungs with that crap..? I understand the addiction is a pretty bad one, but why start with that junk in the first place?

    am i missing something!
  2. its relaxing but a killer too i use to smoke ciggarits everyday since i wuss 14..but once i tried cannibus i lost my ''addiction'' :hello:
  3. well 95% of my crew smokes cigs. they are good when drunk or high, which is often. they are addicting, and habitual. cigs are nasty but that morning cig, the one after a meal, one after cumming, one before bed.... they are necessary. dont forget about the cigarette before and after a stressful event. oh and the cigarette when im bored and cant think of anything else to do. or after a long tv show, or after a flight.
  4. i have no idea but i hear ya. i started at 14 because it was cool but finally quit by 20 and now the thought and smell is sick. i must confess tho, as repulsive as cigs are to me sober, stoned, drunk or otherwise, whenever im thizzin i somehow really enjoy strong menthal cigs like marlboro smooths. after i come down from my roll tho its right back to being disgusting as hell. how strainge.
  5. tryed these once and made me sick same, as chew. Now a name brand smoke is enjoyable specially after a big joint. And once you start smoking ur addicted lol. its like watching our parents smoke and then you think well why don't I give it a puff.:smoking:
  6. Yeh, It's just something to do. As a smoker I can say that after something big happens, nothing is better than a nice cig.

    Hookah is amazing. It's a very old tradition and has a great taste.

    Cigars are classy. They are also wonderful.

    I would suggest trying hookah and cigars.
  7. People start smoking to be cool, after that it's just being addicted. I'm always like the only person out of my friends that doesn't smoke, even since the begining of high school.
  8. Personally, I smoke cigarettes because I hate anti-smokers (the people against it, not people who don't smoke and don't care either way). I don't really get much of a buzz, and I think the whole addiction thing is over exaggerated. After smoking for about year, and then going a week or two weeks without cig caused no noticeable change and I didn't get a craving of any sort. I figure most people are just weak minded idiots.
  9. A couple a years ago I smoked weed 24/7, but I always said no to ciggs. Went on for a year then I tried a cigar for after-toke. Well, that gave me a fuckin awesome buzz and I started smoking tobacco after my weed sessions. Eventually the headrush was gone and I was left with a tobacco addiction. I regret it now.
  10. Tobacco is some nasty shit if you ask me.

    Only time I smoke tobacco is when it's through a hooka, especially when I'm high.

    As for why people start smoking...I really couldn't tell ya. I couldn't smoke regularly even if I wanted to...cigs fuck me up worse than weed.
  11. I dont understand how people can smoke cigs. When i was in high school I had a job washing cars and smokers cars smelled so fucking bad some would almost make me sick I dont understand how they could even ride in there and not care.
  12. I never liked the smell or taste of cigarettes nor have I ever hit a hookah before. However, I absolutely love the smell and taste of a fine cigar (i'm not talking about those cheap 2 dollar ones you can buy at the gas station) I mean a nice high quality cigar. I also love the smell and taste of pipe tobacoo. My favorite is vanilla/chocolate flavors mixed (grew up with my dad always smoking that and just grew to love the smell, and when i was old enough, grew to love the taste of it)
  13. Because it makes you look cool.
  14. hahaha yes, that pretty much sums up everytime i smoke a cigarette.
    i sell cars at a dealership so, i'm the typical salesperson that stands outside all day smoking cigs till a customer walks out on the lot.
  15. "I only smoke when I'm drunk"

    "I only smoke when I'm high"

    "I only smoke at the club"

    All the excuses my friends give me are ridiculous. I have smoked around fifteen cigarettes in my life and I regret it everytime I do it. The taste is not appealing at all and the only positive is the five minute buzz after smoking it. I just hate to see my friends that just started cigarettes and now smoke them all the time.
  16. Cigarettes are fuckin disgusting, But i must admit Hookahs are fuckin awsome, The smoke is light and tasteful.. and im not a person that often smokes some tobacco. Only smoked the hookah the one night, but still a great memory.

  17. exactly...

    Only thing I would add would be the cigarette right after work....very necessary.
  18. OH.

    +REP for naming every single truthful one off.
  19. I smoke cigarettes because I like it. Wanna fight about it? ;)

  20. T-r-u-t-h!

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