I don't understand how i can get such a good deal..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sploo, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Here's the deal:

    A few days ago i bought 4 pills of Ecstasy from my friend for $5 a pop. Now he's offering me $50 for 100 pills! I don't see how this is possible. It's like getting 90 free pills.

    So, what the fuck? Do the prices actually go that far down when you buy this much? Am i getting scammed?

  2. Only reason they'd be that cheap is if they're bad and he's trying to unload them.
  3. Did you try the first ones he gave you and were they any good? If so then grab em, if they're bunk break some kneecaps! :hello:

    jk but thats a solid investment if they're good
  4. 50 cents a pill sounds to good to be true, I'm thinkin. Your right for being weary, I dont know anything about x so I can't help
  5. You should definitely sample them because that deal sounds ridiculous. Normally, ecstasy isn't that cheap unless you are buying around 5000 pills.
  6. If they are good grab every cent you can find collage money, everything and buy those mofos
  7. That's still a damn good deal. If I could find someone who'd sell me 5000 clean rolls for $2500 I'd hop on that. That's huge, great opportunity.
  8. either theyre bunk or hes trying to set you up :wave:
  9. no matter how much you buy, around here you can get rolls for like $5-$10 a piece. so i'd say that's TOO good of a deal.
  10. Fuck, I wish I didnt have to say this, but

    it really sounds too good to be true. Really, how can he be making any profit or even breaking even by selling pills for $0.50? Even though its only $50, so if its fucked you lost $50, and if he isnt fucking with you,,, you could make some serious bank.

    It comes down to the individual. If you truly believe he is a good guy, do it. Ask around a bit if you dont know to get a feel of his reputation.

    I just dont see how he could make money on that, unless he is manufacturing them.. Even then he would laugh at selling 100 pills, and would probably rather sell to other parties interested in 1000+ pills.

    Tough decision bro
  11. Does it matter? Jump on it. He might be trying to re-up and just need a few more dollars.
  12. sounds pretty sketchy to me.you should test one out first before you buy them.

    cause if its straight thats one hell of a deal.

  13. are you serious??? you must be rollin in dough or kind of dumb no offense.

    who gives a fuck whether or not dude is trying to re-up, especially if hes trying to take advantage of people to do so.
  14. Yo, get a testing kit, if they are legit invest all the money you have..
    haha.. hurry up and move your work :D yes you know me. dont say anything.

    plus you wouldn't know what to do with all those boy! haha
  15. 100 pills for fiftey is a good deal. the more pills you buy the less they cost. its just who you find and id advise getting a test kit and try a few, sell them for 3-15 even make yourself a lot of money
  16. Sorry for the late reply, i was at work. Well, my friend who would be getting them for me is just middle-manning for me and someone else i dont know. My friend i trust allot - and he says he trusts his guys. But it just seems ridiculous to me. I don't care how many pills you pump out a day you're still not going to be throwing away easy profit by selling them for 0.50.

    Since i decided to go halves with another guy (100 pills is way too many - even 50 is allot) so it's really only a $25 investment i think i'm going to take my chances. If they're bunk then that's that. Otherwise i just made the greatest investment of my life so far.
  17. What area are you in? I'm near the canadian boarder and lowest I've ever heard is 2 bucks each... that was buying a lot more than you're talking about

  18. this is truly your best bet, snag a couple. do some tests, if they are legit get as many as you can that are the same press or very similar and be safe. there is seriously for E in this world then there are people to take it so hopefully you stumbled upon a great opportunity, hope everything goes your way man, if so i wanna see a big ole picture of them:D
  19. I think it would be a better use of my money to just take a chance. I mean, the worst that can happen is a get some caffien pills that i'll just take at school to perc me up (or the pills are totally bunk).

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