I dont understand how anyone drives new cars, am I stuck to 90s cars forever?

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    New cars have such huge blind spots. The entire rear panel is a support beam, I don't understand how motorcyclists aren't getting killed by the hundreds. My 1997 Corolla is so open I can see for days out of the thing, it's comfortable, though I'm sure not as safe. I drove my moms 2014 Dodge Avenger and when I know I'm going somewhere and I either need to turn left or right, I have to stay in the appropriate lane the entire drive so I don't have to change lanes. How the hell do people drive these cars?

  2. Same way they drive evos, sti, eclipses, talons, supras or any other car with a high factory spoiler Lol.
  3. Are you tall enough to see over the door panel?
  4. You're driving cheap cars. Get a good car like an x100 Mercury or a p1800 Volvo ad you'll be set! Fuck new cars.

  5. better question, how do you stand driving a soulless '97 corolla?
    i had one. three speed automatic. i only drove it 1500 miles before i sold it.
    Seems like you took something personally.
  7. New cars have too many problems with all the computerized functions.

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  8. Greater gas mileage, less wear and tear on engine = fewer repairs. Updated interior (aux cords, navigation screens, XM radio). Better safety features, longer lasting, warrantied, etc. 
    The turning radius on Range Rovers leaves much to be desired, at least for me. I like sedans. 
  9. I like sedans, i actually prefer sedans and prior to the Land Rover LR2 I have, I had a turbo volvo.  But i gotta say, Land Rover knows how to make a truck
  10. As car enthusiasts, we take our machinery personal.
  11. I seem to be adaptable to cars, I've driven company vans that only had side mirrors (no rear view since no back windows). At first it was a struggle to change lanes, but after a while you get the hang of it. I see truckers park massive trailers into narrow alleys in the dark during traffic, mad props to their driving skills. It you can't adapt, might as well buy a computer assisted car with lane change sensors and assisted everything. I prefer a manual car with Ac and a stereo, and power and handling :D
    well actually, they are ._.
    In my life, 3 friends have been killed in motorcycle crashes.  1 of them just 10 months ago on the Tail of the Dragon.  Youtube has tons of Dragon run vids.  That road is a maneater.
    I hate all the electronic crap being put in vehicles now, makes me feel like there is an unblinking eye on me all the time.  Except for my '53 Willys jeep, my truck and my wife's car are wired by big brother.
  14. I love driving dually trucks and dodge/Mercedes sprinters. People thing they're hard to handle or something. Nawww nigga, just take a wide swing into the turn. My Cadillac is harder to drive than a locked 4x4 dually F350
  15. Haha yeah I know what you mean, I drifted that van and it had a thick layer of rear tire in the fender well haha! I drive a suv now but I still drive it like a compact car...
    I had a grand Cherokee overland that would carve corners om the rain, thing was sticky.
  16. Old cars have a soul to them new car are boring

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    Well I upgraded from a 1999 Buick Century to a 2007 Chevy Cobalt and I am not looking back honestly. I am getting 32 Miles Per Gallon on the highway and the car just functions all around better. It has a really good crash test safety rating which is cool and it handles wonderfully. I wouldn't be so quick to judge all new cars since some of them are actually pretty great (and some are total lemons). It has its blind spots but those are generally taken care of by mirrors. The spoiler in the back kinda gets in the way of the rear view mirror but that would also happen on a 90s model car so it has nothing to do with age. The only thing I don't like about this car is that I couldn't find it in a stick shift, I fucking despise driving automatics.
    Edit: The one thing I miss about my old Buick is that it had a cassette player which was awesome because I have over a hundred cassettes since I am a music collector. Now I am stuck with only a CD player, thanks millennials for ruining cassettes :cry:
    no doubt man. one day i'll have to drive it.
  19. Trust me squid a 99 Buick is not a good case for old cars.

    But no doubting new cars are easier to live with.

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  20. Blind spot?  Position your mirrors correctly and there won't be a blind spot.   There is a correct way to position them to see your blind spot ( look it up ).  I haven't turned my head to change lanes in a long time.  Never had an accident that way either.

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