I don't think weed will ever be legal

Discussion in 'General' started by Greatbud, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Now don't get me wrong I want it soo bad but with the recent LA ban and the Feds continuing to crack down I just can't see it happening anywhere in the USA I know its drecrimanalized in some places but it's just not the same. What do you think about this. Do you think it could ever happen where it's openly sold in stores?
  2. Meh the LA ban is actually good.

    They just got rid of the store fronts for Post ICO dispensaries.

    So all the new ones for profit run by sketchy Armenian and Mexican dudes got shut down while the older legit ones are still around.

    I have two within walking distance.

    One Pre ICO one Post. The post one is now a super sketchy delivery service that I bought a pound from a week ago. Go figure.

    And the awesome one is where I buy my dankness, budders and edibles.

    Alls well if you ask me.
  3. What is Life?
  4. And it's still Decriminalized in Cali.

    The LA Ban was a decision made by 5 old farts without public approval.
  5. Yes. I definitely believe it will become legal once again (you know, it's only been illegal for less than one century, but has been used for thousands of years). In the time frame of this plant's existence, it's been legal and widely accepted the vast majority of the time.

    Plus, there's really no logical foundation for it's illegality in the first place. There's clear documented proof of people profiting from it being illegal, but there's no real argument for prohibition that has much merit.

    Also, if you were to go back to the 60's or 70's and ask people if they thought marijuana would ever be legal, they wouldn't believe it could be. Nowadays there's places where the majority of people are in favor of it's legalization.
  6. Decriminalized is fine what you talking about? No tax on it, the government can't control it and you get slapped with a 100$ fine if caught.
  7. Look at what Obama said he was going to do has that happened? Not really and this new dick I forget his name sounds like he's going to screw us up even more
  8. That is a band-aid solution that doesn't stop most of the problems. The only thing it stops is the consumer buying eighths doesn't have to worry about going to prison. There's still the black market in place, where potentially violent criminals are distributing cannabis from unknown sources. There's no quality control, not everybody has access to good cannabis, it opens a market up for inflated prices and lower quality product. Risk versus reward is why people who live in the north east can say they know people who are selling $400+ ounces.

    On the other hand decriminalization screws over any of the people who are growing the plant. Even the nice people who don't harm anybody, or maybe don't even sell/share their product at all.

  9. Good thing neither of them have any real power what so ever :smoke:
  10. I think it will be legal because so many states are already decriminalizing it or doing medical or both..we have the numbers and the Feds have the resources but we can keep pushing and in time the minority that are keeping it illegal will need to address it..hopefully
  11. What is it? Like 5 states have legalization on the ballot this year?


    Joo crazy guy
  12. Illegal or Not I give zero shits most people bitching got caught by the Cops.

  13. Legal or not, I'm still blazin :cool:
  14. If you want it legal you don't give up trying to make it legal that's counterproductive
  15. Just because it's on a "ballot" doesn't mean it will even come close to passing as said above decimalization is not good enough it's still black market you can still get in trouble and it doesn't make it so everybody gets the primo weed that they should
  16. I just want the drug war to end but that won't happen.

  17. It's not necessarily about them passing as the fact that they've come this far.

    I mean Cali got its medical ballot passed in the 90's man. We're damn far for just over a decade
  18. Yeah but in the Feds minds it's still the devil the dispensaries are still being raided I.e look at what's happening to harborside.
  19. And it could come to the ballot every year the same dicks are going to reject it every time
  20. In the 1940's nobody would have thought that 17 states would have made it legal for medical purposes, you would have been laughed at if you told people that would happen. But it has happened and more and more states are continuing to legalize medical marijuana.

    I'm confident weed will one day be legal.

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