I dont think this is the first universe

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  1. I was gonna put this in the science section, but then I saw all this shit about gorilla genomes and other smart people shit, so I dubbed myself to stupid, and this idea to far fetched, so I came here.

    I had this sudden realization when I was getting high on the fourth of July this past year

    So check it, you know how black holes are made right? A star supernovas and one way or another that I once knew but have now forgot, you get a black hole. And you know the theory of the big bang creating the universe, the universe was once a singularity, and kept getting denser and denser and it got so dense that it exploded into our universe. Well if supernovas are big enough explosions to make a black hole, the big bang must have been big enough to make a unimaginably big black hole, a black hole big enough to suck the hole universe back into that singularity, where it keeps getting denser and denser, and explodes again!!!!!!!!! And it just keeps going in a cycle!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you guys think?
  2. Building on what you are saying, I watched the documentary called 'How the Universe Works' with all the newest information about this stuff, and they both suggested, and I concluded this theory.

    Obviously you know how a black hole is formed and works. There has to be enough mass/gravity to suck everything in to a point of gravity itself collapsing in the center. It rips apart, supposedly, everything. They say that when it rips apart enough at once, it spits out whatever is left of the matter in pure energy form and radiation, much like a quasar. What if black holes are ripping apart matter in this dimension, and spitting it out into a whole new one that is experiencing the beginning of it's 'Big Bang'. So not so much recycling everything within this whole universe, but constantly passing matter between totally different universes, or alternate dimensions of reality.

    So our universe was just the ripped up matter from another universe, and the stuff being ripped out of ours is becoming someone else's. Maybe it is like the theory of quantum mechanics and that on the other side of black holes are just all the other infinite possibilities that could happen at every second of existence?

    Either way, I think the idea that existence is constantly re-cycling, never really having a beginning or an end, just kind of going on and off, or back and forth, or up and down, or in and out.
  3. I've thought of something similar when I was younger.

    Interesting to think about.
  4. Good insight, bro; I mean, what you're saying can be plausible...
  5. Black holes are formed when a massive star exhausts it's fuel and collapses under it's own gravity. If the star is massive enough, no known force can counteract the increasing gravity, and it will collapse to a point of infinite density. No explosion, just a collapse. Furthermore, the big bang isn't an explosion, perse, it's an expansion. While your theory is flawed, it's still fun to think about :D sure hope we're able to discover what lies beyond the big bang in my life time
  6. I generally agree: there's no reason to think this universe is the first or only one ever to explode into existence. That being said, your theory indicates a closed cosmology (visualize it as the big bang exploding across the surface of a balloon and coalescing on the opposite side), while modern observations suggest either flat or open cosmologies. In other words, if what you're saying is true we would expect to see the universe slowing its expansion, when what we have found is the opposite.

    Your theory may still work if at some point in the future a portion of our universe collides with a portion of another expanding universe, and then collapses into a singularity. The singularity's source then is the combined black holes of two portions of two universes, or in other words, two big bangs causing one massive black hole.
  7. I think.... I almost passed out reading your post.

    Well played
  8. Its probably mot the only universe either.

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