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  1. Ok I hear a couple of differnt things about when it is time to flower, I hear from google sources and other forums that you can flower the plant when ever you want to, and I also hear that the plant wont begin to flower if it aint mature enough, because i planned on only vegging for a week or two before starting to flower?
  2. You can go 12/12 from seed.

    Clones need a week or two to root before you flower them... so I guess you could consider that "veg" time.
  3. the longer you veg the better your yeild, id say veg for at least 2 weeks to yeild an alright amount.going 12/12 from seed doesnt yeild you alot unless its an auto strain but they canf lower in 24 hours of light.
  4. I really dont see this plant as a thing too rush.. you could flower whenever the hell you want.. but problem is what negatives will occur.. Lots I'm sure. Depending On strain of course.. I would go with an auto flowering strain if this was my plan.. get it a bout 2-3 weeks from seed.. Now a clone can be flowered immediately but usually as early as week one or two.. reason of course is that this clone came from a mature plant that is ready to be flowered. with a seedling they are not ready until the inter nodes start inter changing

    I.E. From this \|/ .to this \|
  5. Well the thing is it is just bagseed and I am just trying to just get the gist of it, when i do i will go out and get sum real seeds, so till then i plan on doing a crash course with a couple before i start to real spend money.
  6. With autoflowering,no need to adjust light time,just keep it 18/6 or 24/24 ?
  7. Now with the auotflowers i hear potency sucks ass, and now there mixing other strains with lowryder like the blueberry , does that increase potency, and would i be able to mix another strain with lowryder because i hear you cant, but i would like to try to make my own autoflower?
  8. Lowryder is crappey LR2 has increased potencey and yeild, the further crosses have increased potencey and yeild you can make your own lowryder crosses but it takes many generations of inbreeding those seeds to get them stable with autoflowering qualites.

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