I dont think im going to be here much longer

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. I have almost completely stoped smoking.
    All my attempts of growin (WHILE WHILE BACK if u wanna search it up) have been foiled. Ive grown up accepted some harsh things. I dunno as i think back i remember how much fun i had making up stupid schemes of how i was going to launch a massive grow underground with a huge room....
    Anyhow, i havent smoked for a LONG LONG TIME, and well, i am moving on to otherthings.
    I have begun intensely body building, and have not hung out with friends who are stoners.
    If things continue this way, im sorry to say that i will have to leave the city!
    I might visit some time and help out noobies on DXM but weed is over for me for the time being. Thank you to all who have made my stay pleasurable, and i wont tyep my goodbye since i dont know if im leaving or staying yet.
    Ill let you know early september
  2. weed relaxes your muscles so you can do more so you get stronger so why quit also why are you proud of being a so called DXM master so your sucking back on cough syrup wats the big deal lol ive done it but it aint that bad ass
  3. haha i don really smoke anymore either man, but i'm still here, i don do hardly any drugs anymore, not until i start this new job and get some money at least.....
  4. Just smoke and work out at the same time. That's what I used to do. Anyway, it's your choice. Just promise everybody that you will never become like the dickheads in office and you'll always remember how harmless weed really is. Enjoy sobriety.
  5. :) Personally ill Never stop smoking weed...never and when i die im going to have my coffin filled with the finest skunk ever so ill be tokin up in heaven :p lol *Throws up fist*
    Weed Power!

    p.s Soberty sucks ass lol
  6. ^man i aint heard from you in ages!^

    but i dont toke right now. but im still here, good people, good laf plus u'll always have that one good bake every now and then, its how it goes ;)
  7. Well uh my brother mother father both aunts all my cuzzins all my friends and i think even my dog tokes down so seeing how im growing up in these circumstances i think ill never stop tokin :)
  8. ^^^ you have got it made in the shade dude
  9. whatever works man, u just do what ya gotta do!

    me, i like my shmoookey;)
  10. LOL! It's not mandatory to smoke pot to be a member of this site. Haven't smoked for a year now myself but still enjoy being here. Stoners are such a nice ppl... ;)

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