i dont think im ever going to get over it..

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  1. ive posted on here a bit about my troubles with guys.. seems like im always going to be alone and thats pretty stressful... but i think my biggest problem is that i found the guy of my dreams, and let him go.

    last year, he was pretty much one of my best friends. this guy was everything i want. i wasnt really looking for a boyfriend, just a guy to spend my time with. smoke with every day, drive my car, listen to music with.. he was everything i wanted and more. i never did anything about it, i wasnt looking for a boyfriend. i would talk to other guys and he would talk to other girls and it was better that way, i would have been scared that we couldnt be friends if something happened. but he left, moved away to go to college. and i realized i was crazy about him. i knew it all along, i mean he was perfect, but when he left i cried for a good two weeks. i still think about him nearly every day, but its been over 6 months. i text him every once in a while, but i think about this guy every single day. hes in my dreams, hes in my thoughts, and hes in my music.

    im scared im never going to get over him.. its at the point i compare every guy i meet to him.. thats why im never interested in anybody, nobody even comes close
  2. just a rant, im miserablee
  3. I've experienced something similar to that recently. I just pretend like it doesn't bother me but it only works for so long :/
  4. yeah, nobody knows how much i think about this kid. and its pointless, i might never see him again.
  5. At the very least, do the facebook thing.

    But there's other guys out there who are looking for women as well. More than you'd think, actually, so don't limit yourself.
  6. so you guys were basically buds?

    never any sexual relations?

  7. If you keep comparing every other guy to him then you'll never see what any other guy has to offer, and then you'll really miss out on something special. If all your looking for is a guy to drive your car, smoke bud with, and listen to music with you, then all you have to do is walk outside...if that's you in your avatar it shouldn't be a problem...unless your bat shit bananas crazy lol keep ya head up and your eyes open it'll work out :bongin:
  8. Have you told him this...?Seems like a place to start if you've been keeping these feelings to yourself
  9. i had someone like that a long time ago. i literally couldnt stop thinking about her during the time i was awake. and i tried to get any news or glimpse of her.

    took me over a year and a half just to speak the first words to her. which were what i felt about her. on her birthday. in front of 100 people.

    i told her how i felt and ten minutes later. a sense of overwhelming relief spread over me.

    she had rejected me.

    i was over her in an instant.

    you may think youre that much in love with him. but you may find out youre not.

    the only way is to ask him out in real life.

    go back, share your feelings. and come back here and report. cmon yo, its not that difficult. and youre not that bad either...

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