i dont think i'll ever find a girl i like

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  1. i dont remember the last time i had a conversation with a female (that i would have sex with) that didnt piss me off with her intentional stupidity and fakeness. i mean some pussy is pussy but it would be cool to be in a relationship where i actually care about the other person.

    where can i find a girl thats smart, looks good, chill, and keeps it real?
  2. If you find female
    and she likes likes
    consider youself
    luckyer than most
    : p
  3. I'm with you. I can't sexify someone I don't respect. Don't go to a bar. Find an activity you like and join a club. Go to a dog park. First buy a dog so you don't look like a super creep. Try online like match.com
  4. Fuck it, just give up now...All 160 million of the females in the U.S. are exactly the same in every way aside from physically.

  5. girls only like me because of the crowd i hang with or my looks or my wealthy family

    im lucky i have that but im not proud of myself for it
  6. stop looking for a girl you can fuck AND talk to...

    you're single. if you wanna fuck, go find an easy fuck. if you wanna talk to a girl, get on the internet.

    simple as that.

  7. there are girls on the internet???

    jk lol
  8. Just chill out and stop looking, someone will come along eventually.

  9. i play club rugby and it's all dudes

    finance club is full of those annoying hos i mentioned

    im allergic to dogs

    so i guess online is the only thing left lol
  10. 98 people wtf?

    Your tripping me out lol
  11. same here. why are these 98 people all liking posts and shit ahahahahaha :eek:
  12. 98 people will like this post.
  13. or will he???

    are there any girls on grasscity?

    hit me up if you're chill and real :)
  14. thought i'd be able to find that here in the bay area but that doesnt seem to be the case.
  15. It must be cool looking down all those girl's shirts from up on your high horse.
  16. Yea man, I found a girl once, and she didn't give two fucks about me past being a friend.

    Nothing else compares now.

    So I just say fuck it and live my life for myself, hoping that maybe when I'm old and grizzled I can find someone to settle down with and share my story.
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    Id go for an older chick. They're always more chill younger chicks

    Agreed. she'll come along sometime when you least expect it.

  18. that sucks bro i hate that shit lol you do all the work and not get rewarded with pussy

    thats why i let bitches know what im about instead of being too nice to them

  19. It's alright, obviously she wasn't the "right one" or we woulda connected. No matter.

    This song just came on, and this lyric basically summed up my life goal.

    "See the world
    Find an old-fashioned girl
    And when all's been said and done
    The things that are given, not won, are the things that you want"
  20. At least you didn't find her and she is so stuck on a guy trying to "make it work" even though its been over a year.... and they are still making it "work out".

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