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I dont think I have ever laughed so hard ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bowserx1, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. [ame=]DEAR POTHEADS - YouTube[/ame]

    God I hope he is just trolling us. And that pipe in the beginning was actually AWESOME!!! I WANT ONE!!!
  2. Lol this kid is def trolling. He probably bought the pipe himself and is a stoner.

  3. I dont know.. his entire channel is based around anti-fapping and being a morally good person.. even though 100% of the time.. he sounds retarded.
  4. I didn't even realise this kid was still going.

    He's pretty smart though. I never knew it was as bad as meth or heroin, shiiiit. I better stop.

  5. Basically he is right in saying that weed changes you... FOR THE BETTER MOTHAFOOOKAAA

  7. That is going as my signature. Funny as hell!
  8. Hahahah a I forgot about this kid!

  9. So did I until like 3 days ago...
  10. Gingers at their finest
  11. I almost pissed myself laughing
  12. God this kid gives me my daily source of lulz

    I fucking love him hahahahahahaha
  13. I think I just died.
  14. This kid just makes loads of ranting videos, getting views because people disagree and then he gets all the moneys from ads. Haha, I have a friend who does it himself, he adds like two of three videos a month and makes hundreds of quid from adverts.

    Plus you can tell he's reading from a script. He keeps looking down when he starts new sentences. :smoking:
  15. Haha I always watch his videos, they're hilarious, an I wish I had that pipe with the groucho face thing haha

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