I dont think I can LST, my girls are too tall!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cannabislover, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. My plants are already gettting too close to the light and im only 1 month into the flowering process. My 600 watt HPS is raised up as high as it can go. Some people have suggested LST and I dont see how thats gonna be possible becuase I dont have alot of room in the grow space for all of the leaning plants, and I dont like the sound of pruning either. This seems to be quite a pickle im in, any suggestions or advice would help tremendously.

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  2. Well you gonna have to do something or they'll burn. LST is going to hurt far less than light burn on your colas.
  3. You can still LST those. You won't be able to bend the tops all the way down to the rim of the pot (they'll snap), but you could pull them down until there is a fair amount of tension on the string, tie that off, then after a few days that string won't be so tight because the plant has adjusted, so tighten again, and that way you can gradually bend the plants over.
  4. Welcome to my world brother!! I had the same problem last week. Rest assured, those branches can be tied down. I used some small chunks of lead weight and hemp twine and started bending them out and over. It actually works, it just takes a while. I still have probably another week of tying and bending, but so far its working ok. And the benefit other than not letting the plant burn, will be all those new bud sites getting light!
  5. where do I bend them from? Does it look like I have enough room? AHHHH damn this really sucks.
  6. Hey Tim thanks for the settling words, could you possible show me some pictures of what you are doing so I can get a better idea on what im going to have to do?
  7. go to home depot, but chicken wire, with big enough holes for buds to get through, and lay it on top of the plants and staple it to your grow room walls, it will lower the top colas by a few feet.

    i had the same problem a few weeks back and it fixed it perfectly
  8. also, why are your walls of the room covered with black tarp?

    black absorbs light, your loosing TONS of lummens per square foot with that shit up there.

    your wayyyyy better off just taking it off and having bare ply wood. at least that reflects more light than black
  9. Yeah I forgot about SCRoG. and I dont know what the pic looks like but have Mylar on all sides of the room. your not the only one whos said that so its chill.

  10. i was going to say the same thing. its not too late. time matters with plants
  11. what if they r already too tall should I for lack of a better word "mash" them down a little?
  12. yes. as gently as possible. if a branch breaks, get toothpick and sum duct tape
  13. Just wondering.....how tall were those plants when you started flowering and how tall are they now?

  14. you could also top them so they will grow more bushy and not so much up wards anymore.

  15. Topping plants that are already flowering is one of the worst things you can possibly do.

    To the OP: The only solution I see is a larger growing area at this point, or getting rid of some of the plants so you have room to LST them.
  16. well at this point if he cant get room for LST topping would be hes only choice to keep them from growing taller.
  17. I'd get rid of a couple of them and then LST if it were me. I think a better yield would result.
  18. he would get more yeild by just topping thoose hes got now, insted of throwing plants away, that would be the dumpest he could do.

    See my point?

    i know its not good to top them now, but its deff better then throwing plants away. always.

  19. :rolleyes:

    Topping plants in flower is a good way to cut your yield in half and should not ever be done. Get rid or one or two and the remaining will more than make up for it...but I'm not going to argue the point...I've only been growing for 30 years...
  20. u guys have great ideas....but he doesnt need to get rid of any plants, or top them during flowering (horrible horrible horrible thing to do to your plants)

    just put the chicken wire on top, it pushees down the top by about 2 and a half feet, and also makes the lower banches grow along side the top, therefore creating more top colas, it works, ill take a pic of mine, same as op's almost and show you later today

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