I don't smoke anymore

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Goopus, May 3, 2011.

  1. I look at it almost as a very extended T-break but it's just like... the way I see it is that the risk outweighs the reward..
  2. What are you, on probation?
  3. No, he just doesn't wanna smoke it anymore. It's almost depressing. XD He won't smoke with me anymore... or anyone else. I understand why he doesn't wanna smoke synthetics, they make him trip. But why not just real weed? I dunno... he won't actually tell me. I think you should NOT quit. :p
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    Good for you. If you smoke constantly, you'll probably benefit from taking a really long break, and perhaps enjoy not smoking.
  5. Im too high for this thread.
  6. i get high off not smoking nowadays but eventually i get bored of sober life then start living the high life again
  7. I caved.
  8. I just watched predators high, I dont think im ever gonna stop the herb
  9. Move the fuck out of Cookeville that'll cure your depression immediately.
  10. Man... I wish I could. I really wish I could. I've always wanted to live in like... fucking... Ohio.
  11. haha idk about that. go east if you can. one of these days I'm gonna move back to the mountains over by pigeon forge. so beautiful around there.
  12. Wouldnt be saying this in california
  13. Pigeon Forge might be nice. Probably expensive living around those parts.
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    Lol caved in to what? The peer pressure to not smoke? I know they've been playing those abovetheinfluece ads alot recently but I didn't know anyone actually was fooled into not doing drugs. Anyways I suppose this means you should move out of GC then. Bye!:wave:

    Yeah, it's nice here.
  15. what the fuck is going on?

    my friend just quit one day to, never told anyone why hes been off the herb for 1 year and a half and i always pass the pipe but hes like no im good.

    He said he just doesnt like it anymore, i dont know how but some people just get sick of smoking once in awhile.
  16. im in the same situation, but i just bought a bong for spice only :) i'll smoke forever, weather its weed or synths..getting high is what makes me, me.
  17. I meant I caved and smoked again.
  18. What did you quit for like 1 day? jk.

    But this thread is pretty much useless "I dont smoke anymore" and the Op broke down and smoked.. not even confuscia could've predicted that. :smoke:
  19. man I always see a thread popping up "im done smoking". we all know you're gonna smoke again. Real quitters just quit and pick up other hobbies going away with their bizz. if you gotta make a thread ur gonna rip a bowl again garunteed

  20. My sister did that. She smoked since she was 13 or 14 or something and when she was about 22 or 23 she just decided she didn't like it any more. I asked her why and she said she just got tired of the habit, then whenever she smoked since then it made her feel really uncomfortable. I'm gonna try and get her to smoke this summer at a music festival we're going to, but she probably won't go for it. Haha ahh well, worth a shot. :hello:

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