i dont see how people can be smoking so much

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  1. 4 grams could honestly last me a few weeks or so and ive been smoking for about a year now but i dont see how u cud smoke 1 gram a day how is that even possible.
  2. you gotta get some connects bro.
  3. Well, at my peak, I could easily smoke 4 grams in a day.
    I don't have the resources or the tolerance for that anymore, though.
  4. As sassy said, Tolerance is a bitch.... I smoked about a quarter to myself yesterday and just about an eight today....
  5. every one has different tolorences and different levels of high they like to chill at i for one at night like a real nice couch lock to chill with so i get real toasty for that my father however will take a hit off his chillum and have a nice mellow high as he describes it
  6. reading this back i dont mean to offend anyone, but like smoking 1 gram a day isnt alot compared to other people- just me
  7. lol your not offendin anyone man we are just responding to ya

  8. We understand man, we were all lightweights at some point

    Usually if I buy a gram, it lasts me about 12 hours.

    An eighth will last 2-4 days.

    I used to just take one hit and be blazin, but once you get used to smoking every time your high wears off your tolerance skyrockets.
  9. Don't worry dude its all good. Shit back in the day I could make a gram last me a week, yes a week lol. Only smoked at nights and a pinch literally got me stoned enough to play Black Ops.
  10. everyone is different
  11. Shit I wish 4 grams would last me a week even haha
  12. 1. Pack a bowl in the morning.
    2. Pack a bowl in the afternoon.
    3. Pack a bowl in the evening.

    Sometimes I like to pack a few at night...

    It's easy to smoke a gram. But I have been at this for 12 years now...
  13. Haha man Black Ops was back in the day? Lol but a grams lasting me a week as well right now :)
  14. because they dont ever stop smoking. just keep going till you pass out.
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    its very easy, just have a few bowls throughout the day... hell even the thinnest joints are like .5

  16. never once passed out from smoking, and the only time i came close was after 1 bowl when i was first starting.
  17. I could smoke a lot of weed if I had the $..a whole lot.

    Keep the tolerance low while you can...its a virtue.
  18. It's not that crazy for some people, tolerance really is annoying. It gets to the point where it's like how much of this shit do I need to load to feel high?

    It becomes such a routine/hobby, that you just keep smoking more and more...
    Then you keep buying larger amounts and the cycle repeats itself. I just stopped last night cus I decided I've had enough of this forsaken routine.
    It was like a month or two ago where I would literally take a fat rip out of my illy and I'd be good no questions. I'm on the road to get back to that tolerance as we speak, and I need a job that's worth passing a drug screen
  19. I see what you're saying because I notice this phenomenon, it just sorta happens. One minute I'm saying I could never smoke a whole gram, two days later I'm smoking an eighth in a sitting.
  20. i wish i had the same tolerance to weed as you, i honestly envy you lol

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