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I don't reckon weed is doing me any good.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bradl3y, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I started smoking a year or two ago, only very occasionally at first, then I stopped for a while. A few months ago I got back into it and now I smoke pretty much everyday.

    Trouble is it doesn't make me happy any more. My friends become different people when they're high; delirious, excitable, immature ect. Whereas I just chill.

    I feel like it's just there as a retort to the hardships of my life instead of being something that I enjoy.

    Just sharing my thoughts GC.
  2. The problem i see if your depending on weed to help you with your problems instead of just handling them yourself...

    Smoking weed doesn't solve problems it just makes them less important for the time being lol

    Once you fix the problems yourself and realize why you really smoke then you will start to enjoy it more like before....

    i like to smoke and walk around at night ahah
  3. Meh, give it up for awhile, then see if you want to start again or not. If it's not enjoyable anymore, it sounds like you're just wasting your money smoking it when you could be doing something more productive or a cheaper way to relax.

    and @ thomas, I love smoking a personal and walking around at night lol just feel like such a sketchball
  4. Smoking weed shows me my problems, and I can fix em easier thanks to Mary Jane.
  5. I experience the same thing and when I do it means I need to take a T-Break. After a month or so I can get the same excitement from smoking as if it was the first time.
  6. Sounds like you know how to control your shit and they don't haha :smoke:

    Do you only smoke when you're pissed or want to escape? That's fucked up, but daily toking can definitely be an enjoyable experience with the right mindset.
  7. That's why I'm solo dolo when I smoke... Except for sometimes, But I hate people mooching off my weed...

  8. don't smoke either because it's "cool" or whatever. also you seem pretty mature whatever age you are, my friends most aren't mature whenever it comes to the herb. :rolleyes: it's annoying, but oh well. Hopefully you'll figure it out. :p
  9. #9 Tammm, Mar 28, 2012
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    Yeah sounds like the way you're practicing the herb is a bit damaging to your social life and your mental health.

    Honestly, I smoke weed like it cures cancer because I believe in the herb being a supplement to my health and I can honestly say it's helped me* get through tough times. This is in regards to physical pain and stress in general.

    The thing is, it's all about HOW you smoke.

    I usually smoke AFTER I've accomplished something; as in a long day at work or a giant exam or something along those lines.

    If you smoke it to relax you'll see that the way it affects you changes your point of view on the methods available in which you can smoke it. For example, you can vape a bowl out, hit a tiny pipe, milk a bong, or smoke a blunt/joint. The preference is for you to choose.

    As far as your friends go I've been through a similar situation and honestly that's why you have to remember that your TRUE friends aren't easy to come by. People usually have a handful of friends they consider to be TRUE. So keep in mind that you are definitely able to smoke alone there's nothing wrong with that or experiment with herb on your own. Who knows maybe you've got ONE friend you can count on but it truly sounds like you just want to mature and continue to live a peaceful life.

    Doing this is not impossible and it's all about time and contemplating when, where, and how you want to smoke.

    Feel free to figure it out on your own but always remember that smoking herb is NOT for everyone. Some people just don't get into it which is all fine and good it kinda depends on who you are.
    I've met several "friends/acquaintances" that just aren't with it and I can understand it doesn't affect me it's just a matter of life and learning really.

    If your friends piss you off leave them or kick them out it's that simple they won't care.

  10. Well brother sounds like it's time to walk away for a while. No shame in it.

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