i dont really remember a lot of my summer

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. ... means it was fucking great :rolleyes:

    but honestly .. this summer i was wasted 24/7 ..... i dont really sleep a lot anywaes ... insomnia .. so i like partied 24/7 literally .... and i think it was a continuous binge of a lot of substances ..... ive experienced with a lot of new substances...was in greece and a bunch of other places .... great summer :D

    yeah i guess its a useless post .. but i havent posted for a long time and waned to see what your summers were like ..

    how was YOUR summer ? :D

    peace gc i missed this place a lot ... (i was away for a bit (from the city) cuz i wasent really home a lot ... )

    (im baked as fuck:smoking:)
  2. hah your summer sounds like mine bro

    in a way im kinda glad winter is here so I can sit back and chill for alittle
  3. My summer was kick-ass. Spent two weeks at a friend's cabin up at Green Lake near 70 Mile House stompin' through the bear-infested woods with a shotgun and two ounces of dank lookin' for a pot field we heard someone had been growing nearby. We never found the damn thing, but I swear I could smell it sometimes. Or maybe it was just the weed we had in our packs. We were high pretty much every hour of every day and the forest critters were trippin' us out. Chipmunks and squirrels and shit (the ultimate stoner animals next to hamsters) kept running around the yard and we were laughin' like crazy every time we saw one. Apart from that, I didn't really do much because I had to work.
  4. lol yeah winter is good news .. but i have a friend comming with like 40 ml of ketamine and like 50 blotter trips ... or maybe microdots .. i dunno .. but yeah i can imagine using a lot of stuff ... specially ketamine .... when i have it i fucking do it till i run out :rolleyes: and this summer has been like the only summer i mostly did other drugs than weed... and a lot of weed .. i was fucked on ketamine for a week straight up no breaks and no sleep ...... and then i smoked some weed and took xanies :confused: it was fucked
  5. haha K is fun as hell my dads a vet so yeah he kinda has a safe full of it so I go steal a few bottles here and there :D
  6. your so fucking lucky :rolleyes:

    what do you get 10 ml bottles or 20 ml bottles ?
  7. My summer was fun. Smoked every day, partied. It went by so quick tho

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