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I dont really get high anymore :/

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gcmsboy, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I have been smoking for 3 years now. Starting at about once every week or so to now being 2 or 3 times a day. I hate to say it but I'm addicted to the stuff, and lack of other activities at the time keeps me pretty occupied with the stuff. Probably about 2 grams a day or a gram on days I'm trying to conserve. I buy top of the notch weed that my dealer gets from Chicago every time. All the weed I buy from him is beautiful and smells amazing and covered in crystals. But about a month or two ago he had some amazing weed. All he said was it was medical. It was soo dense and sticky and covered in crystals. I got a trippy high and couldn't stop laughing and it lasted for 3 or 4 hours atleast. But here's the problem (finally) ever sense then, no weed has compared to that. I can't nearly as high as I used to. And they are all short lived. The weed I have now is some kush ( can't remember the name) but it is soo beautiful and all my friends get high as fuck off when I smoke with em but I hardly catch a buzz. It's just frustrating.
    I don't know what I expect out of this thread? Mabey I'm asking if anyone else has had this problem and Mabey a solution. Obviously a t break would solve the problem. But Ima see if anyone else has a solution other then that.
  2. I'm a bit surprised that you can't get high anymore at all. I smoke a similar amount and still get high. If you're no longer feeling it, however, I think the only way to get 'round it is to stop for a bit. Since you feel like you're addicted (it's probably not as strong as you think, btw, and should get much easier after a couple days) try stopping for even one full day. I find that even stopping for a day or two makes a big difference (for about a day, then the tolerance seems to catch back up). I would recommend trying that to get a better high and possibly to give you more confidence that you're not really as dependent on cannabis as you think. Oh, and give mangos a try, they really do make a noticeable difference for some. GL.
  3. Ram- I have done the one day break, even a week. But like you said it still catches back up. I've tried eating some mangos and even some pure mango juice drinks and it dosent really have a noticeable effect, Mabey makes the high last longer
  4. Find better weed? That usually does the trick, or grow.
  5. minimim break of 1 month

    grow you're own pot
  6. Hmm I'm sorry man I would be so upset with symptoms like that. Maybe you should try instead of mango juice, mango tea. Brew a condensed cup and drink up. Another thing to try is aerobic exercise (swimming, running, etc.) Something that makes you breathe heavy then smoke after, that always intensifies highs for me. Good luck man and keep us updated.
  7. Try just smoking less, T-breaks suck but if you just cut back a little your body will get used to it.
  8. tbreak would work. for like five days. or anything with vitamin c helps really not just mangos. also try smoking outa of something stronger. like a grav bong or reg. bong. idk what you smoke out of but a change of piece could help. also smoke in new places.
  9. If you straight up can't get high anymore, take a break! Don't waste your weed for a little buzz. I'm sure it will suck but take a pretty long T-break to get your system cleansed. While you're on your T-break do things to keep your mind and body occupied, exercise would be great because you'd be busy enough to keep your mind off weed but also losing fat, which will help clear your system of THC. good luck bro, I'd hate to be in your situation
  10. Yeah, it sucks. And i have a pretty busy schedule also. I work out two times a day, Weight lifting in the morning and a personal trainer works with me in the afternoons. I woulda thought sweating all the time would help me. But i think ima smoke it up this weekend and take a one week break.
  11. i have the same problem... been smoking for ten years.. me and the wife are regular smokers, and we also grow our own... everyone who has tried my personal stash says its prob the best shit they have ever had... i got 8 people stoned to fk off 1 joint... of Berry BomB mix with Vanilla Kush and the best home made bubble hash uve ever seen... still, ill throw 6 to 7 joints a night down, and all i get is tired eyes and a slight relaxation... one of my friends after sharing a joint with me couldnt even open is eyes and fell straight asleep... i just kept smoking... im not a delinquent or anything, im a mechanical engineer, and work with some high end ft 500 companies, but i do love my shiet... ive tried t-breaks, foods, all sorts... all that seems to work is if im smoking in a place thats not familiar to me.. dont know if my body and brain got used to my surroundings and my smoking routine, but at home in the sofa with a cuppa tea is the place that i like to be, but i just dont get stoned... whereas if i go for a walk to the forest, or even go drive in my car, i seem to get the old feeling of chinese eyes and stoned as heck.... but once again it doesnt last very long... hence me smoking so much.. the wife is even worse... we went to amsterdam in august 2012, for 4 nights, with 700 euros to spend on smoke... and we did... in 4 nights, we smoked a fkin hecka lot... i was high as hell, after eating weed icecream and smoking probably 10+ different strains of hash and green, i was running thro the Hilton Hotel corridors thinking secret agents on jetpacks were after me... the wife found me hours later in the last floor of the hotel (11th floor?) smoking a joint after i had calmed down loool... shit like that dont happen anymore... im gutted.... i love doing stupid shit when im high :)
  12. Isnt it common sense at that point to take a break?lmaoo.
  13. Well we all know weed is a gateway just open up the gate. ;)

  14. very sly sir, very sly. ;)
  15. Ya gotta take long breaks of you want te old feeling. Try a month off. You'll save money and get it back. Just don't expect it to stay awesome. Your body gets used to being high! And I agree with the familiar surroundings. I have say here puffing all afternoon and felt fine. I left to grab a drink with friends and they said I looked high as hell. I noticed I was on the way there bit only after I left my comfort area where I'm used to being blasted.
  16. This exactly! First off I've found that a 1 day t-break for an experienced toker is all I've ever really needed. 24 hours off and it's like you started completely over for a frequent smoker. Obviously you didn't, and the longer the break the better the results but 1 day is all I've ever needed in your situation. Also I'm a huge fan of mangoes too, you should definitely try picking up a nice big juicy mango at your grocery store and eat it about 30 minutes before smoking. This plus a 1 day t-break should do you wonders.
  17. I'm having the same situation as well. I've been smoking for three years and smoke a few bowls a day too.

    Most of the time I smoke alone, and this is when I don't really feel high. I just feel..normal. I'll feel a bit high but not like it used to be. The only time I feel real high is when I smoke with friends, then its like the good old days. I suppose its just because I don't do much when I'm stoned, 90% of the time I'm just chilling and playing some video games.

    I usually don't smoke on Saturday and Sunday, just for a little t-break, and I'm pretty busy on the weekends. Helps a little bit.
  18. Im sorta the same way. I get really good weed ( travel about an hour for it, weed around here is almost twice as expensive and 5 times shittier than where i get it). I also have some nice glass and a good vape, most people around here have pipes and joints. Me and my buddy who also comes with me and gets the good weed were smoking up with a couple of his journeymen from work. They were amazed by the big hoots off the bong, and were about to go for a ride. The younger guy (who is a few years older than me) watched me milk the bong like a pro and not even cough. Im a really short guy and look like a 13 year old, so he was not expecting to see me take bigger rips than 6 foot 5 320 pound friend, and not even cough. he tries doing the same as me, cashing the bowl in 1 rip. he did this a couple times and coughed like a bastard, 10 minutes later he thinks he is having a heart attack. I almost though something was wrong too, because this guy buys weed buy the 1/2 pound and is no beginner. I eventually figured out he was just freaking out, so i told him to go lay down and take a nap. The older guy steps up to the plate now. he smokes a bowl and seems to be doing alright, so we start watching tv. 15 minutes later i look over and he is crashed hard on the couch. later that night my weed got a name, "the creeper weed". I guess it takes a while to kick in, but when it does, you will be fucked up unless you have an unusually high tolerance like me.
  19. I know it sucks but I've been smoking for a little longer then three years, I still get incredibly high off of about five hits, I buy some pretty nice danks too, my secret you say? I only smoke twice a week maybe more some weeks and maybe less on others, it makes the whole thing more special, and doesn't devour my whole life, I think it's better that way.. Stay lifted!
  20. cut your bowls in 1/3's and only smoke twice day for awhile

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