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I don't own land, where can I grow?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by muffintoker, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I have a medical card and live in California, but I do not own land. Medical cannabis from dispensaries is (lets face it) expensive and I'd like to exercise my right to grow it myself.

    My current apartment is a sublet situation, and the subletter (direct landlord) is not okay with it. Is he legally allowed to keep me from growing my medical marijuana?

    Are there alternatives to growing at home? Like in a vehicle (van, truck, etc) or the wilderness somewhere?
  2. Google HydroHut...
    Grow in your apartment and use a carbon filter for smell, fuck the land lord unless he's in your house every day.

  3. He has a room in the house and stays here for a few days every month or so. It's a weird situation. If not I would agree, fuck him.
  4. You can grow outdoors if you have time on your hands.
    It's a pain driving and not making any trails to get to your crop.
    Read up on geurilla growing.

    EDIT- your landlord sounds like a douche, personally I would get my own apartment.
  5. Guerrilla growing doesn't sound legal, is it?
  6. NO.
    But you cant grow where you stay.
  7. What about growing in a vehicle?
  8. Are there businesses that will let you rent space from them to grow on?
  9. :D Have you ever watched 'Trailer Park Boys' ?
    That's what this reminds me of when you say growing in a vehicle.
    If you want to rent space rent a room at a friends place who's cool with you growing legally.
  10. No I've never seen it.

    I just read through prop 215 and I didn't see anywhere it mentions where you can grow, just that you can and how much. Does that mean there are no restrictions on where it can be done?
  11. Im not sure of CA laws i'm out in CO.
    If you make copys of your papers and put them up in the room you'll be alright.
  12. Your only option is to not grow, unless you want to take a risk with your landlord.
  13. i am a 30 yr smoker who lives in a golf resort and a condo in Tx and believe me when i tell you that remaining stealth and discreet in this state is a must. I agree that unless the landlord is constantly in your apt,which would piss me off enough to move, then I can suggest a great way to grow in your closet. I purchased a PC (personal computer) hydrponic turn key system from It grows only 2 plants about 24-30 inches in ht but it is a true turn key system. Im old school and only grow for myself,besides playing golf rip stoned. You get ONA (odor neautralizing agent) and snuggle dryer sheets and with only 2 plants,there is very very little aroma,and I grow White Widow and Big Bud XXL. These are some of the smelliest strains in the world today, yet this method i use is very successful for me and realistically the yield is about a 1/4 lb for 2 plants. I order from a seed bank via stealth in the netherlands and so far no issues. If you want to talk cannabis in the future,let me know,I will try and help if possible.
  14. Order a grow tent, set-up a carbon filter, etc.
    You wont get caught unless he snoops around your shit.
    Place it in a closet or somewhere discreet.
  15. White Widow and Big Bud are probably some of the least oderous strains on the market..
    But I guess a PC would work if you wanted a half oz of weed every 2 1/2 months.
    Funlog if you think those are some of the smelliest strains try to get ahold of an Exodus Cheese cutting... Stink your whole house up in veg.
  16. they may be weak in odor but powerful for the ride. I have been around the skunkiest bud as well at a friend of mine who is lucky enough to live on a farm,noone around. But he is a family man and he also grows indoors and the ona seems to do the trick and he grows an estimated 10 plants at a time. We get far more than a 1/2 oz every 2 1/2 months. I wouldn't bother if that was the case. muffin toker just wants to grow discreetly in a small place,hence his question. The only problem that most have is the smell,after that its all good as long as you stay quiet.
  17. Then why not just grow it? If your land lord says anything, tell him to read the fine print.
  18. This sounds like some shit I would pull.

  19. Thinking about it, that's probably what ill do.

    Its a sublet situation, that shouldn't change anything woth how the law works, right?

    Is he legally allowed to keep me from doing it?

    I think mostly just fuck him.

  20. Bullshit!

    No disrespect man, but there is NO way you get a 1/4 pound harvest off a PC case. PERIOD. Sorry. I'm not believing it until I see it. How about pics of your setup and dry weight harvest on a scale?or are you "guesstimating."

    Seriously, I'm not trying to be a prick, but you sir do not get .25LB per harvest with any pc case... If that were the case, by your own admission as a "light" smoker, one harvest would be enough to last you close to a year...

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