I don't like purp. Or blueberry. Or any of that shit.

Discussion in 'General' started by Oceanic, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Just thought I'd let you know. Anyone else with me? I mean, it looks okay.. but then again it just doesn't match up to a great sativa. Because after you come down from the sativa, you're going to get the purp indica feeling afterwards. Every time I smoke purp I feel like my brain isn't stimulated at all.

    Sativas seem to relax my body well enough anyways. I dunno... great sativas look and smell better, and just seem more fucking chronic.

    Just thought I'd rant.
  2. Idk man if it looks dank I'll smoke it.
  3. Idk man, I dont know much about actual named dank, but I got a gram of blackberry kush yesterday, and damn... I havent been that fucked up off one hit in a whilee, and Ive been smoking no-named danks on and off for bout a year now. I can definatly tell a difference.

    Speaking of, Ima pack a bowl righttt now :D
  4. if it tastes like it smells and was cured correctly, no mold, no bugs... i smoke it.
  5. I still stand by the notion that strain has less to do with how I feel during/after than what I'm doing/was doing.

    If I'm at work and I smoke, I'm not going to get tired regardless of strain. I might get a little groggy but nothing to write home about ... , I won't turn down dank just because of the strain.
  6. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but this thread gives me the idea that you, OP, are a novice smoker pretending to know his shit.

    Purple weed is only purple because it is exposed to lower temperatures than it is supposed to be for a short period of time. It has jack shit to do with potency.

    Purp, flavored, it doesn't matter. Dank is dank, and any slight differences you may feel you're getting from the particular nug you're burning is more than likely just a placebo effect. The only differences you will actually notice is if you're smoking an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain alternatively.

    And by the way, sativa strains are more likely to give you an energetic and mind altering high. Sounds more like you smoked an indica strain, which is well known for it's couch-locking properties.
  7. You sound like a picky smoker.

    Shit I'll smoke some Reggie if its passed my way :smoke:

  8. I don't think that is the only factor, what about the terpenes or whatever?
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    That shouldn't affect the color. Still though, color doesn't equate potency. I've gotten purple buds that were mids at best before.

  10. The OP here seems to actually be comparing Indica (Purple Kush, Blueberry are indica-dominant) and Sativa.
  11. I dunno, man. His post definitely came across as an attempt to appear experienced, but he used terms and descriptions that just scream newbie.

    There's nothing wrong with being new, we all were at one point, but it bugs me when people do shit like that.
  12. OP should learn his stuff though for sure. Not nice to act like you know what your talking about, when don't.

    But really, Dank is Dank. Don't matter the strain, but i prefer a 50/50 really. Best of both worlds. Not lazy not energetic. Just high.
  13. Sounds like a certain goosey isn't quite loosey enough
  14. i used to HATE purp i thought it tasted like sausages but then vaping came into my life.

    It gave purp LIFE.

    I even vape stems now because it all tastes so damn good.

  15. I gotta reply n bump this just to defend myself from people doggn on me... gooseman, you really need to pay attention better when you read things.

    1. I didn't mention anything about color.
    2. I said that smoking sativa gives me a relaxed/sort of body high enough anyways (and when you're coming down, you can feel really groggy and lazy after a heavy sativa).. I didn't say that Sativas give me a huge body high, which is what indicas do (duh).
    3. I clearly stated indicas don't stimulate my mind like sativas (duh)
    4. The whole thread was comparing strains, basically. And how much more fucking chronic great and heavy sativas are (in my opinion). Ensigna had it 100% correct. He payed attention in English, I guess. :confused_2:
    5. I've probably smoked longer than most people on this board.

    It's okay though, gooseman. You're definitely forgiven I don't hold grudges very long.
  16. I'm a fan of a pretty equally mixed strain. Its the best of both worlds. But I'm definitely with you; if the strain is on one side of the spectrum I would prefer a real heavy sativa any day of the week. Its just so amazing to be on the verge of hallucination.

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