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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by hippagraph, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. is this cool?

    The boredom never ceases
    The fights will never last
    When tuna fish walk on the land,
    Now that'll be a blast

    Skip skop tiddle pop
    Round and down we go
    Side to side and upside down
    I've decided no

    Scrappie doo and lilly-ann
    On the earth we know we can
    Triangle ears, little fears
    And snouts to match the band

    The heart of reality, which may never last
    when I close my eyes it all goes back
    Why should I be afraid of one without a past
    Meeting here tonight and now
    Round the corner, just when hertz hit the ground
    in The land of dogs the wieners sip the gummy bears

    plugs and watts on table tops
    I'll walk the clock until I drop
    Time will end
    The nexus of emoticon
    Will bend befor time is gone and spread unto the wind
    The hair will blow
    The crows will crow
    Up and down down the windowso
    God will continue to grow and grow

    Opal trees and apple sauce
    Both go good on pancakes, tossed
    Little carrot slivers in a salad far away
    If you have dime I'll I'm sure I'll pay
    Licks the lion on and off all day
    The hippo yawns, spilling from its lips spit and the universes
    Each, now, lye sputtering coughing from the pain

    Coffee grinds are meaningless
    Get blown before I take a test
    All along time will never cease
    You'll eat the world wispered his niece

    Cheese and spaceships never mix
    She bottomed bout the tips
    It doesn't say the waiter said
    Splatter box screamed the bed
    Why she asked with a sullen clit
    Your unsure about tonight
    Take a sit and wait a while
    Wilst I take of the robe
    Oh me oh my screamed the pie
    “What a fucking good boy am i!”

    thinking only bout the song
    a glance would prove this night long
    wounds deeper than glass
    balloons are heavy when you right
    he simply smiled at the class

    glomb y en den re
    gereh oi Kingstonville
    please why wont you stay
  2. seriously, i'm not fish for compliments or any thing i really dont know.
  3. its nice justa little long if u ask me
  4. I dig it! leaves a lot for my mind to wonder :)
    since its a work of art, im gonna move it to The Artist's Corner :)
  5. i was talking with my band about making it a song. we would start real fast and hard and then stop and the beat would get all simple and one of us would say it and there would be a simpler kinda like in the new slipnot song. yes?
  6. I love it! I really think it will make a great song. Its cool cuz its so random and it sounds like you wrote it when you were high or something. But maybe Im just biased, you are my boyfriend and everything, I love you strawberry!
  7. That was wicked cool. I just forgot about trying to understand what it was about and what everything was supposed to mean. I just read up and enjoyed the words. good job.

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