I don't know who can be turned on by kids...

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  1. There is this 17 year old girl who is interested in me, a total babe, but a moron. She watched a commercial with an 80 year old man in a wheel chair dying from god knows what else other than lung cancer and is on one of those Truth commercials, she freaks and is like "omg i got to stop smoking or i'll turn into that" and just all kinds of retarded statements. I know she looks good and she wants to lose her virginity with me, god knows why, but i don't even think i can bare her attention seeking personality which warped by the media and anything that can basically form a sentence.

    I swear, i'm either going out of my mind or teens no matter how hot are dumber than rocks.
  2. Uhh well it's true, there's a very high chance that if she doesn't stop smoking cigarettes then she'll get lung cancer. That's not really all that of a retarded statement.

    That said, I love me some cigarettes.
  3. i dunno man... a 16 year old girl is like a perfectly ripe marijuana bud, physically speaking.

    However if you don't want a relationship withthem and just want sex then they're not ready for that. At least not by adult men.

    Look but do not touch. I'm all about the milfs myself.
  4. oh yeah, i forgot to mention, after that movie she bummed a cig. not that i care about her bumming a measely 25 cent cig, but that she'd make such a big deal and freak out about such an obvious exaggeration of lung cancer, playing on the scare tactics, then she will still have a cig just to fit in w/ me.
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    Not all teenage girls are like that, but a lot are.

    However, these teenage girls should post threads about older guys using them for sex when they really don't like them.

    And, actually--woman are at their sexual peek in the late 20s, physiologically speaking. A lot of woman just don't maintain their health.

    (By the way, I'm an 18 year old girl and I'm nothing like you described.--Except maybe the "total babe" part hahaha)
  6. so i know we all loooove some young pussy, but for this reason alone, i dont fuck with anyone under 20. people are dumb in general.
  7. Yeah I know a few of those.

    Theyre good in bed.

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    This is why I don't date older guys.
  9. Yea a lot of hot girls are just retarded, but that just means they're easier to get with ;).

    although...It is probably a good idea to quit cigarettes, you shouldn't let a commercial convince you but still...that being said I will never quit cigs :p
  10. Hopefully she hits her head on something and becomes miraculously smart like in cartoons and shit?:)

  11. I'm pretty sure women hit their sexual peak in their 30's, I forget where I heard it at. Men hit theirs in their early 20's.

    Push her off a cliff into a field of brain coral and the top of her head will fall off and you'll frantically search for it, pick up a peice of brain coral, and plop that on her head and she'll be a genius (spongebob reference for the spongebob deprived)
  12. Yeah I remembered it was around late 20s - mid 30s but I wasn't sure.
  13. Don't. I swear to you that you will regret it.

    Coming from a year and half relationship with one of those kind of girls, I can tell you it blows. No stimulating conversation, no mental attraction, all the attention wanting bullshit, it's just not worth it. You will grow tired of it a lot quicker than you think, even if she is mind numbingly hot.

    Girls are like oreo's. There are always two unwanted parts. Hot and dumb, or fugly and brilliant. But if you can find that fucking delicious middle part of oreo, a girl that is attractive and intelligent, you'll be in heaven.

    Fucking high yo

  14. a lot of hot girls, imo, don't have brains cause they don't need them
  15. But, hey... their boobs are great, right? RIGHT, boobsaregreat?!
  16. hahaha yes, no matter what, a girl with boobs is a girl i could love
  17. yeah my friend married someone 10 years younger than him (he is 30) and this bitch is the most annoying person that I have ever met. She is one of those people that has to top all of the stories you tell. Plus she thinks she knows everything, but she is lacking mentally. If she would just shut the fuck up, I would like her more.

    sorry bout the rant
  18. i thought that too when i was 14, but boobs ain't enough and they all got some boobs. I need more than just a pretty face, even if it is just for a hook up.
  19. I don't mess around with teenagers (they aren't kids, kids are < teens) only because if one of the dumb cunts gets mad at me and tells their parents I'll be in trouble
  20. :yummy:

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