i dont know what's happening here plz help

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    so my plant was perfectly fine this morning but had a few bugs on it. i sprayed monterey mixed with spinosad as i usually do to get rid of them but i did spray a little more than usual. my best guess is nitrogen toxicity since the pesticide i use evaporates into oxygen, nitrogen, and a couple other gasses.

    did i just kill my plant? is there a way back to stop the leaves from bending like this? plz ive put so much work into this plant i dont want to see it die

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  2. Root Bound and need water. Why are your plants in plastic pots?
  3. theyre in those because thats all i really have. the only other pots i have that are really large are ones without drain holes at the bottom. but i guess ill try to tansfer into the bigger one and give more water. i water 2 times a week is that not enough?

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  4. They should be in fabric pots to prevent them from getting root bound. Is your intention to do your whole grow in those plastic pots? Transplant them ASAP into 10gal fabric pots, with some Fox Farm Happy Frog or similar, or you will be pretty much done with what you have. I invite you to do your due diligence in research before your next grow. There are lots of resources on Grass City to answer all your questions to get you started in the right direction with the proper methods for a grow. Good Luck.
  5. Did you spray in sunlight ? And how strong are you talking? Spinosad is usually enough to kill off any bugs, no need to mix it.
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    That looks like phytotoxicity to me mixing chemicals when it is not labelled or dont have experience doing so is a bad idea. Something like oil or potassium fatty salts when the temperatures are high cause that exact damage. Different home owner grade materials tend to have (inert) carriers, which ranges from water to any number of spreaders, thinners, stickers. These other chemicals tend to help the pesticide adhere or persist on the plant longer.
  7. Also spinosad should only be used for chewing insects, something with a preboscic is unaffected by it unless direct contact happens. Spray rotation and correct pest, correct spray is very important. If you read the spinosad label it will not control mites, stink bugs, aphids, white fly, squash beetle.
  8. i know about the fabric pots but i didnt think they were mandatory and im already using fox farmbut ill be sure to translplant

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  9. i didnt mix anything the product i bought was monterey organic garden which you dilute with water it just contains spinosad sorry for saying mixing

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  10. i sprayed early in the morning and its not mixed its monterey organic garden

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  11. What's "a little more than usual" and how much were u spraying before? Were u doing it during the morning or night (before)
  12. I had a section of a plant that I was experimenting with to find out the best dose for soap spray and one of the branches with a higher dose ended up looking just like that and it was also done in the blazing sun
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  13. don't worry about the plastic pots it's fine.
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  14. Better to transfer your plants. :)
  15. well it did get to 104 that day and i did it in the morning. but i kinda sprayed the hell outa it this time to offput the mites and it killed them but also seems to have injured my plant pretty bad

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  16. Well now you know. As long as you're learning from your experiences it won't be a loss. Avoid spraying anything that's not water during the day. I spray my plants in the 110 degree sun but never oils or anything like that
  17. Try moving them into shade and watering them. I had one look like that, but recovered nicely. I grew some in Walmart 5 gal buckets, and they did well. IMG_20170603_141842.jpg
  18. I agree with root bound. Also those black plastic pots are not good out in the sun.

    If you can put it in the ground it would help a lot. The ground temp keeps the root zone cool in the summer and warm in the late fall.

    If you have to use pots try to insulate them from the sun.
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  19. would you be able to tell me how id go about insulating them? also i used those black pots for other plants but the seeds didnt make it so this is the one that came through but as of now theres nothin in them but soil

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  20. how were you able to keep them from being root bound?

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