i dont know what to make of my plant

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  1. erm ok i got sum pics i just dont think my plant has enough leaves for its tallness i think now it might be because im using a grolux reflector light well thats what i think it is please sumone that knows what there doin advise me

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  2. its the light dude...get some cfl's or hps
  3. and put that light closer man....thats why its stretching, its trying to "get" to the light.
  4. what if i used 2 of these grolux bulbs
  5. wow... that is some INTENSE stretching... i think my plant was roughly 5" after the 4th node developed... that should tell you something

    those bulbs wont work... they are incadescent bulbs and do not put out the light output you need for growing effectively. As suggested, go to your local hardware store and buy some CFL bulbs... i picked up a box of 26w (100w) Bulbs for $20... that woul dbe more than enough for you... but to put it simply, those bulbs wont work

    get new bulbs
    bring the plant closer to the bulbs
  6. wow i have never seen stretching like that. That plant will be like 10 feet tall when you get done flowering it. Your going to have to put the light closer if you want to use that light. Which i would not recomend. Using cfl's during this stage is the best because it doesnt put any heat off the bulbs and you can litteraly put the plant inside the bulb for the first week of growth. But after that i would go with either a metal halide bulb or an hps after the first 2 weeks.
  7. 10 ft! my cupboards only 5ft high at best =| i think im gonna get a hps light and start again what watt would i need for a growspace that big?. do u think 5ft would be enough for a plant? and yeh my plant is like 3 ft now with 4 nodes lol so as for that 1 im gonna switch it into flowering cycle with the amazing lights i hav and see what happens lol
  8. hahha dude, thats wow. Dont worry man, I bet we've all had our share of mistakes.
    I would suggest a 400 watt HPS light.
    And depending on strain, Indica will stop and Sativa will continue to grow.
  9. Dont worry about it, I've made similar mistakes

    At first I put a small halogen reading lamp for the seedlings and was shocked to discover that is not even 1/10 of the light they need
  10. LST that little muther fucker
    stem is so thin you could prolly tie it in a knot!!!!

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