I dont know what to do.

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  1. My girlfriend who ive been dating for the past two years just told me the other day that she doesnt love me anymore. Ive become i complete wreck because i was planning on asking her to marry me after we graduated from college. I just dont know what to do.
  2. Forget about her, that's the only thing you really can though although it's probably also the hardest thing to do. You've still got yourself and in the end that's all you have to fall back on so appreciate yourself first. It may hurt and you have every right to feel the way you do but when one door closes another one opens.
  3. In a lesser way I know how you feel. It sucks, it really fucking does, but I've been getting over my girl, and the only way I think you'll be able to is by finding something better than her, in general. That doesn't necessarily mean a new girlfriend, but just trying to find a something that really makes you happy, something that inspires you, makes you search more into the depths of your life.

    See, most people get really stuck into their relationships. They think it's the best thing out there, when really it's just part of everything that is divine and gold. There are many parts to beauty in life and 1 girl isn't going to help you see all those beautiful things!

    An old man once told me, "Once your relationship is over, that means you both weren't learning any more".

    It's true. All relationships are based upon learning. Not just the romantic relationships but every relationship, even you, me, and everyone on this board. But, once we stop learning, we split apart, and it's easy to see this. It's the spiral of life that never ends, and can only be enjoyed as the moment.

    Anyways, this post was long enough. Hope you do well.
  4. sorry bro, but bettr find out now then b4 u asked her..I would recommend finding a chick n getting laid..youll forget bout her in a new york minute.
  5. Have you tried talking to her...? Find out what went wrong, if there's anything you can do to rekindle the proverbial flame, etc. Proper communication is key. Worst case scenario, you're just not the right person for her and you've got to work on moving on.
  6. flames die out eventually, so just build a better one next time.
  7. If you don't mind me asking, what's the story behind this man? Did she wake up one random morning and just come to the conclussion that she didn't love you anymore after two years?

  8. She's right, sorry but true, you have become a predictable bore, it happens, you fell into the old hole, thinking she loves me, I love her, slowly overtime her interest in you ....well, er dropped, you should have picked up on it, it comes with experience, and thats what you have experienced so far, next date take her to interesting places and do interesting stuff together, keeping blowing on that candle,it hard work but worth it


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