I dont know what to do!

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  1. Greatings,
    First sorry for my bad Englist
    Iam new here and i was wondering if someone could help me, Yes i know i have research it on the forum for the same topics but still not be sure.

    So can someone tell me if this buds are moldy ? because i cant remember how they was before 30 days ago(vacation days).
    Photos sorry for quality if you want i can take more photos and videos for the purpose of the my question

    20961092_10211090865242654_20450286_o.jpg 20967841_10211090865402658_1797860152_o.jpg 20993368_10211090865602663_1757962774_o.jpg 20952301_10211090865682665_777056510_o.jpg 20960864_10211090865762667_1762789389_o.jpg 20991327_10211090874922896_491757879_o.jpg
  2. Possibly but the picture quality isn't helping some higher-definition shots would help

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  3. i gonna try to make better quality photo right now,
    Thanks for you advise stay tuned for my new photos
  4. I usually notice a greying exterior or a blackening of the interior of the bud..plus its odor will be off.

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  5. Maybe this photo its better, the odor of the bud is the same but a little bit fresh and sweet small

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  6. It's probably all right

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  7. You may have right but the last days I've been dragged with the idea of i have mold buds because i was away for 30 days maybe i need to cure them add some orange and re hydrated them again.

    Whats you opinion to be sure thats everything fine.
  8. If they were in open air that long they are crispy but probably not moldy. If I were trying to rehydrate dry buds I would use bovita packets in mason jars while curing to rehydrate my buds..I would stay away from orange peels as this may cause mold as the decaying process begins.. This is just my thoughts..others may do differently

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