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I don't know what to do anymore...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mal11, Mar 29, 2011.

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    This might be a bit long of a story, but try and stay with me if you can. I talked to my dad about what he thinks about me smoking and he said that he has no problem with it because he knows that I'm not stupid to let smoking get in my way of school.Just a while ago, my mom barged into my room with the intention of finding my stash. We broke out into a big fight and she said she was gonna call the cops and whatnot. But she ended up not calling because she was just threatening to hand her the stash. I told her where my stash was and all hell broke loose. She takes everything away from me that I usually do in my leisure time. I tell my dad that my mom found out and I told him I didn't know. He later calls her asking how she found out and she said that my best friend (we smoked together a few times and then he quit when he had a really bad high that got him freaked) told his mom about the whole situation and then his mom told my mom and then my mom comes into my room looking for my stash, like I said before. I still talk to my best friend, but I pretend to not know because I FUCKING HATE drama. This is why I need help...

    I dont smoke regularly, maybe once or twice a week if possible. But mom suggests to take me to detox, get therapy, and transfer me to a different school (she's very insane if you haven't noticed so far). I call my dad and tell him my mom is going insane and he calls her telling her to meet up and talk about the situation. The end result of the meeting was that I wasn't going to detox, get therapy, or get transferred. I told them both why I was smoking. I said that I was feeling stressed with school and trying to get into the college of my choice, feeling like shit with my mom yelling at me, and just not feeling myself. My dad suggested to find a different hobby, but 5 weeks later I have yet to find a different hobby to take my time up and make me happy. My dad sat there sucking up his pride to listen to my mom because he really doesn't like her ( I know this because he later told me that he was sucking up his pride to sit there and listen to the stupidities that left my moms mouth). My mom made my get rid of everything and anything that was MJ related, such as my previous grasscity account and whatnot. My mom still yells at my if I even give her the remote sense of an attitude or disagreement. I hate it and I just sit and my room and find something to do after homework.

    I have been feeling like shit lately and I cannot find anything to relive this "depression" if you wanna call it that. Spring Break is coming up and I cut up the inside of a big book to put my new stash (if I ever decide to do so, just in case). I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't go out and live with my dad because I have too much that I have started out here with school and everything that I cannot just let go to start a new life. I would be more difficult to do it that it wouldn't be an option. I have recently found a video called "The Union" that is an amazing marijuana documentary that I want to show to my mom to prove how illogical her reasoning was. I've been trying to stay strong for too long and I guess it's been too much on my hands for me. I just need advice...and I'm really sorry for this long ass thread and the stream of consciousness writing.
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    Jeasus christ man, atleast learn to use paragraphs. Walls of texts are hard to read.

    But your parrents want the best out of you. Your their son. They don't want you to be known as the lazy pothead sterotype.

    Do they know the medical benefits of smoking Marijuana?
  3. Hmm.. someone has a power trip problem and takes all their anger from previous life problems on their kids.. hmm..
  4. Your parents are thinking about your future bro. Listen to them, they just want the best for you and at times it may suck but everybody goes through shit at some point
  5. Sorry for the block paragraph.
    My dad knows a bit about it, but he knew enough to let me do it once in a while. He knows I'm a good student and a smart logical kid. He knows that I wouldn't make a stupid decision to hurt me in the long run if I had continued smoking.

    My mom only knows the stereotypes about stoners and has a horrible view over it. That's why I'm considering showing her "The Union" documentary.
  6. Exactly...hmmm
  7. Showing her The Union isn't going to help any, The Union deals with more of the economics than anything medical...You'd be better off showing her Super High Me if you want to show her it isn't bad for you.

    I still say show her something like Schaffer drug library I posted or Erowid.

  8. I know that. But they also know that I bring home great grades and I never have problems in school. They know that I'm going to do something with my life where I'm well off. They shouldn't worry because when I leave in a year they will know that they never prepared me for reality, and that I had to prepare myself for what was out there and making the right choices.
  9. how old are you again?

    move out when you go to college broseph.
  10. I'm 18 bro. I'm a Junior in HS though because parents wanted to put me through 3rd grade twice for some strange reason.
  11. Sorry bro:wave:

  12. haha I don't care bro, I was just trying to be funny....carry on.
  13. I have a dad like your's. He is super chill and told me his HS "high stories". My mom on the other hand flips her shit about weed...

    She always complains I'm going to go straight to h*r**n like my father did... He is now been clean for like 13 years lol...

    But unfortunately for her I heard all my dad's stories bout how she acted when high... Resulting in cheating on him with 2 of his friends...

    Atleast your mom never made you feel like a total after coming home high... Obviously that was not a smart move on my part and disrespectful at my young age then...
    But even though she cried and screamed I just sat there... Smiling and laughing at her insane ranting... I couldn't help i though cause her lips didn't match what she said...
  14. I hear you man. my mom cried to when she found out. And I was a bit high at the time and I was sleeping when she came barging into my room like the police.:(I just sitting there trying to concentrate on what she was saying, but it was kinda difficult
  15. get em to read this man
    good luck to ya

  16. She was in my room when I came home high... And I'm a girl xP ... Worst part was after that I didn't smoke for about 5months but I was only 13-14 at the time so it was probably for the best, ya know?
  17. move out? i know moneys tight but my parents are like this. except both are. they finally gave up on my brother. and my sister just hid it well. i didnt know most of my life until she was 18 and came out. it surprised me. my brother covered for her whenever it was her suppose to get caught.
    unfortunately people dont see things as others do. thats part of life i guess. we just have to deal with it

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