I dont know what kind of LST to go with

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Suppa_K, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I initially tried LBH's 4 way LST, but I did not have a scrog and instead I have a "V" shaped main stem, in the end this plant ended up looking amazing. You can't even tell where the V stem is..

    Although I realized I didnt quite do it right, this method really worked well, I was also LST'ing the bottom branches but I didn't give them enough time to grow more branches/nodes hence budspots.

    So now on my 2nd grow here I have topped some plants and there already growing their V stem, although this time I am going to actually LST the main branches, but I was wondering, if I dont have a scrog will this not work, should I just stick with my "V" stem method and LST the lower branches as usual. I dont think I can rig up a scrog, not quite sure yet.

    Here is the pic of my last plant.

  2. it looks like your method worked very well if you want to change something i would start with small tweaks on what already worked. if that helps
  3. You don't need to scrog in order to LST...

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