I dont know what is happening

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  1. Hey guyz, this is my first time to grow with coco. first of all i want to start with my setup

    100x100x200cm tent
    HLG 260W Quantum Board V2 RSPEC Led Kit
    8lt air pot
    Biobizz starter pack
    General Hydroponics MaxiBloom
    Adwa PH meter / Adwa EC TDS meter
    300m3 fan
    380m3 carbon filter set
    Temperature: 24-27 *C
    Humidity: 47% - 57%
    Lux: 35000

    To be honest, i am so so so unlucky and i dont know why this is happening. These small ones are 19 days old and i cant understand why its not growing good. I'm giving them 350 ppm nutrients total with water. PH 6.0 stable. But as u can see in photos, first leaf of ladies are becoming yellow. I'm giving 1.5 liters per day and drenage is good, atleast %20 is going down from pot but its growing so so so so slow and it looks like im doing something wrong and i dont know what..

    About my big lady, it starts to get flowering after 30 days, when it was 17-19 days it stops to grow fast. Now its flowering and probably i will get only 10-15 grams from one plant and its some shit. Now im giving 700 ppm and PH 6.0 stable. But as u can see in photos, leaf is going to be yellow..

    I want to know where im doing wrong, what im doing wrong because its first grow in coco and my first shit grow ..

    Hope u will have time to help me, thanks

    20200531_023247.jpg 20200531_023252.jpg IMG_20200601_232402_702.jpg IMG_20200601_232409_552.jpg IMG_20200601_232430_205.jpg
  2. What water are you using?
    I use MaxiBloom as well........I never measure the ppm.......I start with 1/4 tsp. per gallon and increase as the plant grows. My last grow I fed only 1/3 tsp with no issues.
    Feed daily to run off.
    Never plain water.
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  3. You've got me stumped aswell mate.
    Lights are the dogs bollocks.
    Nutes are the right strength and ph.
    Feeding the right volume, close enough anyway.
    Hmm... dunno...
    Run some of the 350 through it and collect the first 200ml of run off and check the numbers on that. It'll grass you up if you've been skipping waterings or anything like that lol.

    Let's try going back to the start too. They look about 7 days old so what were you fuckin about with around that point?
    Transplanting by any chance? That would add up.

    Definately unlucky like cos it certainly doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong.
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  4. Why is it flowering? Light schedule? Also coco is prone to root mites. Any little flies like aphids around?

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  5. Out the pack it should be clean mate. Been through about 20 x 50L batches now and never seen a single beastie yet.
    It’s generally iether steam or chemical cleaned before it’s packaged so no bugs.
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  6. Was it rooted well when you transplanted it? If it didnt have a good root base then it need more humidity as it will mostly drink through leaves. Could explain the yellow. Its not absorbing enough... maybe.
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  7. First of all, i want to say "thank you" for all answers.

    Since yesterday, i start to give 400 ppm to both new ladies , 700 ppm I'm thinking of that when i start this new ladies, i was using bio bizz nutrients, after 1 week old i change nutrients to MaxiBloom. Maybe its because of this i dont know. Ladies are looking like shit i know and im shocked for this. I've always measure the ppm and PH and never give less than 5.95 ph , never give more than 400 ppm for new ladies.

    The stupid main point is my old lady. This lady is giving more buds now after show pistiles. I will upload photo tonight. You will be shocked ...
  8. Hey mate, thank you for ur answer.

    I've always check PPM after run off, yesterday i check again for example, it was 380 ppm run off. Its always around what i give to them. And i need to make it note here that i've always drop this water to trash after run off. I never let there because maybe its becoming dry and it can effect my plant..

    My old lady have been transplanted but new ladies are in same pot as in photos.

    As i told in my topic at first, i feel so so so so so unlucky and i wanted to ask to all because of this. I was thinking that maybe i miss something...

    I will update this topic with photos tonight, i would love to get your mind and i would love to use ur ideas if im doing something wrong..

    Thank you so much
  9. Hey, thank you so much for your answer.

    There are not any flies or any little small thing.

    My light schedule is 24-0 and never changed. I will upload new photos tonight, i will take photos from roots too, so maybe i miss something. Because if i dont miss something, i will change my nickname as "UnLuckyGuy" :wacko::wacko:

    I respect and become so happy about all people's help.

    Thank you all
  10. Hey mate again,

    My coco is Canna Coco Natural and ofcourse its totally becoming clean before packaging. Anyway before i put them into Coco , i wash my coco with measured PH (6.0) , measured PPM (20 ppm) , plain water. I'm thinking of this now, but at my old lady plant, i didnt wash and grow speed was nearly same with new ladies.

    Is it problem that if i wash my coco soil before plant with plain water? Measured PH and PPM.

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  11. Hey, thank you so much for your answer.

    This is possible as u said, i've transfer my old lady plant to coco when it was 7-8 days old and humidity was same always. If you are talking about new ladies, i didnt transplant them.
  12. 24hrs is too much as most root growth is done in darkness. And at 24hrs 50% humidity is too low. Gotta treat it like a clone %70-80. It will recover. Change to 18-6 and put a wet towel in there. In a few days you will see improvement.
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  13. I will take new photos tonight and upload it here, because one of new lady is becoming better. I was checking my nutrients info because u know in coco, i need cal mag. Maybe its about nitrogen amount too. Because bio grow have %3 , maxibloom have %5 nitrogen. I'm thinking of all..

    Btw, In General Hydroponics Maxi Series nutrients , it has extra cal mag. But i dont think bio bizz series have cal mag.

    Anyway if i will change light schedule and put wet towel, is it possible that my new ladies start to flowering?
  14. Try growing regular photo period outdoor for a bigger yeild. Good luck.
  15. Not on a 18/6 no. They will flourish.
  16. I did it to mine actually... stalled a bit.

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  17. Hey, thank you so much for your answer, I dont have place for outdoor :(
  18. I will try wet towel first as u said, if any it will be not fixed, i will change my light schedule too as u said.

    How old is ur lady?
  19. Cannot complain. Pic above. Still got some veggin and training to do a while yet. But she's strong. I been bending everywhere daily for about 3 weeks. Now i used ties n just gotta wait.

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