I don't know that I ever loved someone.

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  1. When I think of a lover I feel something that I have never felt before with anyone... I try to think of maybe my parents but I don't know that I love them... I care for them... but I feel no movement, no emotion to them... I feel like i can feel no love for anything right now ... unless maybe I find a partner... and what does that mean/// does that mean I can only love when sex is involved...?
  2. Love?

    Does she cook and clean?:cool:
  3. I feel the same sort of. I dont really "love" anybody, I care about almost everybody I know but i never said I love you to anybody, or never thought that.
  4. should it make me sad?
  5. It definitely shouldn't make you sad, maybe lonely but thats not a definite thing. Would you say you don't have any emotion at all towards anything? Like..if you are out with a couple other people, and they seem to be completely having fun doing something, but you look at them and just think "how do they enjoy that this much" or just are like meh, i dont really feel like doing this or that.
  6. i am kinda like that sometimes... yet I can get emotional when I'm alone... maybe i just fear people reactions too much...
  7. The only person I love is myself.
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    You may have a social distorter, or maybe your just plain uncomfortable being around people or dont feel theres no need to have a relationship. As long as you can feel compassion and empathy for a person, I think your okay, love will come whenever you find it. In other words you dont hate people, but you may not be a people person. I bet your a cool guy whos always real chill 24/7, dont give anybody any problems, aren't rude to anybody.

    Thats how im like, I have like, 2 people i am friends with that I only feel comfortable enough with to just be "normal", but around other people im just not, because honestly I could care less if i was hanging out with people or not, but sometimes I actually want to chill with people.

    If you want, there are plenty of things you can try, like mood elevators, for those days when your feeling your worst
  9. i guess i do feel compassion and empathy...
  10. well your just a freak... :)
  11. Really? Gee I never knew!
  12. you might not think you can love people, but the fact that you're worrying about it and asking about it suggests to me that you can. if you didn't feel love for anyone then you wouldn't give a shit and would never have made this thread.
  13. because you're think too much about it
  14. Yea I've never had anyone that I've truly loved. Just a fondness and attachment grown over time really....

  15. What's worse is when I can't stand being shown affection. I like it to a point. But I need my space forreals.

    I don't know if I've love anyone either :confused_2:
  16. Love is overrated, maybe I'm jaded because I have a meth addicted father, an alcoholic bi-polar mother, and a couple of crazy girlfriends in my past.

    But overall I feel like life is almost easier alone, at least this stage in my life
  17. yea ive never truely been in love either.

    oh well.

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